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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    So sorry Sarahmezz! Hopefully August is your month!
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    @andieta I am still waiting on some test results. The chromosomal test takes longer. The doctor and I also discussed my under active thyroid. It's always appeared on the lower scale of normal when tested. BUT that doesn't mean that it is a normal level for me. Because of symptoms and the reflexology testing, he is going to have me start something for the thyroid. I meet with him again on the 26th in Dallas.

    @sarahmezz I'm sorry I'm on cycle 15, and it's so disappointing. I'm really hoping for August for you! That would be awesome if you found out close to your anniversary
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    Sorry Sarah! I know how frustrating it is.... On my 10th? 11th cycle trying? I don't even know. Hope next month proves to be lucky for you!
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    Sorry to hear that Sarah & December. Sarah, that story about the couple in the restaurant is shocking! I sincerely hope his partner told him where to go.
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    @Sarahmezz, three weeks? He seems confused about how pregnancy happens. That must have been frustrating to overhear. I'm sorry July wasn't your month. But if it did happen next month, the timing would be really sweet. Good luck!

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