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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @whitegold: but Monica loved Rachel more than the name.. That was why she let her use it. Lol I love that show.
    As for your period question, I have no clue. When I stopped BC I never had spotting or anything, just a normal cycle anywhere from 26-31 days.

    I've been paranoid about someone stealing my top names for ages. Everytime someone announced they're pregnant I panic about it. But I love my names enough that I'd still use them, unless any of my immediate family used them. I try not to think about it much, though. Our tastes are very different, so I doubt they'd steal them.
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    Hmm, that is tricky Shannon. I'm not of much help! I've been having the opposite problem - I had a proper 5 day period this past week (after a 27 day cycle, first off the pill) but about 5 days of light to heavy spotting just before, and two days of spotting since, including today. (i.e. 12 days of some degree of bleeding!) Yuck. So I will see what tomorrow brings. I am hoping that it is just a weird cycle, and if not, I'll get it looked into.

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    Thanks guys!

    @andieta that sounds brutal! I hope that's the only wonky AF for you!
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    Yikes, all these AF problems! Hope they all get resolved ASAP!

    I have a random question about ovulation tests and expiry dates. I got about 10 ovulation tests off of Freecycle, all still in their sealed pouches; however, they say they expire in September. I'm assuming the expiry date is one of those things whereby they can't guarantee the accuracy, but there's still an okay chance they'll keep working for a while... The reason I ask is, I wasn't planning on using any after my first full post-Pill cycle, partly because I know the first cycle off the Pill can be anovulatory, and partly just to keep the pressure September and get some new ones for when we start officially "trying" (versus NTNP) in October. So I guess my question is: Has anyone used an expired test before??
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    Back to Name Stealing...

    My son actually cried in the car earlier this year (while we were TTC) that someone was going to take his Baby's name and then his Baby wouldn't have a name! It was one of the funniest, and saddest, conversations I've had with my little guy.

    We're debating names and taking suggestions. But if you suggest something dumb (like my mom saying Easton when our son is Weston) then, I'm just going to be honest right back. (Or suggesting Melody. I told her this wasn't 1983. But I should name one of the babies River, and tell her it's Melody's new name. (Nerd-alert - it's a Doctor Who reference that my Mom would never ever get.)
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