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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    That is good advice! Everyone keeps telling me not to worry and that it may take a while. For me it's just One of those things where I want it so much and since you cant use reverse psychology on yourself it's hard for me to convince myself not to worry! LOL! I think I feel the pressure for the one month success because both of my maternal cousins and my mom and aunt always got pregnant the first month of trying. So I guess I feel like its in my genes to be fertile and that increases my irrational fear of something being wrong with me if I'm not as lucky. I'm sure there's not a lot of scientific evidence to back that thought process up, but you're talking to a TTC impatient woman here who has been dying to be a mom since I was little haha! That's why I love this board. It's full of women who understand that urge and can empathize! Thanks for the feedback!!
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    Hello lindseywhite! I 2nd sarahmezz' advice. We were TTC for baby #1 for 2.5 years and people kept telling me to relax. It's very frustrating advice, because it's so hard to take your mind off of what you so desperately want. However, we conceived during Christmas holidays in a month where I had finally decided to start fertility treatments and was waiting for AF to start (so I could book appointments) rather than waiting for a BFP. Of course, my journey is not yours, and you have the advantage over me of being more than 10 years younger than I am, so you likely won't have to wait as long. I say ditch as many tests and predictor kits as possible and use only what is absolutely necessary and enjoy this process, at least for the first few months.

    The fertility doctor told me that on any given month, you have a 25% chance of getting pregnant, so it really doesn't happen in just one month for most people. It's not just your fertility, but your partner's that is part of the equation, so if you don't get pregnant this month, give yourself a break and know that you are NORMAL!!!
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    @sarahmezz I fear that alwayssssss!!! I always hold my breath until the babies are born and given none of my top names lol
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    Wow, another bfp, congrats ktook! 3 of my friends have also had bfps this month - is there something in the water? :P

    Well, I've booked plane tickets home now for the end of the month. Mila and I will be in New Zealand for August and September. So if this month is not my month, I'm out for the next two as well. It's a disappointing thought, but I know we'll get our second baby sooner or later. The timing may even be a tad more ideal if we wait. For now I'm still waiting on AF to start.
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    I'm afraid of my top names being take too Sarah. My sister in law named her daughter my top girl's name 5 years ago, and even though I wasn't even married then, I still get a lil sad thinking on how I lost that name. Of course she has no idea and I love my niece to bits, but now I'm afraid my new top names will be taken by others.
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