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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Nov 2011
    Hey guys! Thought I would join the party after literally months of lurking on this thread.

    I am in my second cycle, currently in the dreaded TWW.

    Love reading everyone's updates/posts and look forward to being apart of this community.

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    Congratulations Frances & Khaatje! That's great, great news! I'm so happy for you both
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    @Frances, congratulations! Wow, your stay here in the TTC thread was quick! I'm so happy that you got your positive and am wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

    And @Khaatje!!! My two-week wait buddy!! You got your BFP! I'll miss you on our thread, but I am happy that you can move on and I wish you, too, a healthy pregnancy.

    @Roxanne, welcome welcome. Are you trying to conceive your first, or do you have other children? Let's hear your story!

    My period is expected tomorrow or Tuesday. No doubt it is coming. Zero pregnancy symptoms. Menstrual cramps so bad that I took an Advil this morning. That makes eleven tries for us. C'est la vie.

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    Mar 2013
    Sooo my boobs have been kind of off for the past week or two and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this..

    Randomly throughout the day I will get this surge in my breasts that kind of feels like the insides are burning.. On fire.. It's uncomfortable. But it goes away after a few minutes. The boobs and nipples don't feel sore.. It's just like a weird sensation? The only part that is kind of sore to the touch is the side of my boobs near my armpit? So odd! Usually when I PMS I either get entire sore boobs/nipples or both. I've never felt this burning feeling before?

    Anyone else experience this as a PMS symptom?
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    Apr 2013
    What wonderful news to come home to! Congratulations Frances and Khaatje! I am thrilled for both of you! Wishing you very healthy and happy pregnancies!

    Alzora - sorry to hear that you think you are out this month. Maybe next month?

    As for me, my period came for real on Friday, which is great, means that my cycle is slowly getting back to normal! (Sad that I happened to be at the beach on a wonderfully hot and sunny day and had to deal with my in-laws teasing me about "not liking cold water". Clearly they didn't have daughters!)

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