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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    This is jumping ahead for us, but a book I read while I was pregnant is Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Childbirth". It was a great book to read since it gives stories of women giving birth naturally and explains what the midwives did when difficult situations arose. She also explains what she sees as wrong with the US health care system -a very interesting read from the perspective of someone in the business of bringing babies into the world.

    Thanks andieta! We are all fearfully & wonderfully made.
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    Skylark, I totally agree with everything you said. Not only are medical professionals are so scared of being sued that so many needless medical interventions are performed but also, once you develop a culture of routinely medicalised birth, that knowledge about natural birth is lost. New Zealand midwives are taught that breech birth is another variation of normal and it is treated as such. I don't love everything about my home country but it does have a highly respected midwifery led maternity system, for which I am profoundly thankful.

    @lilysong, I love that book too! Really opens your eyes to what is possible. I also love Michael Odent and Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley - readable but very science-based for people (like myself) that like to do a lot of research into any decision they make. On the subject of books, I've also just read Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck. It's about a traditional foods-based fertility diet, eating during pregnancy and first foods for baby. Again, very well researched and referenced.

    2 days left til DH gets home. He's bringing a test with him of course, but I don't especially feel pregnant, so I'm not holding out too much hope. I've made the really difficult decision to go home for August and September so if I don't conceive this month (and my cycle turns out to be 35+ days) I may not get another chance until October... :/ Argh, I'm so torn up.

    @ whitegold, I haven't been on the pill since 2009 as a) I conceived my daughter on it while taking it correctly, so it clearly doesn't work for me! and b) I am 99.9% sure it was responsible for some pretty debilitating depression that inexplicably began shortly after I began taking it, and ended shortly after I stopped taking it. However, I have had about 10 days of EWCM this cycle so it is possible.
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    @milasmama good to know that this can also happen without BC as a cause.. Incase it happens again down the road! I wonder what days and days of ewcm could mean? Majorly fertile this month or false hope? Lol I'm hoping its fertile so that mayyyybe this could be our month! Fingers crossed!!!!
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    Thanks Andieta for the welcome and the info on coming off the Pill. I'll have to refer back when I finish my pills just two weeks (!!) from now. I should probably dust off my copy of TCOYF for reference as well.

    To add to what Andieta said, you should also ask your doctor to check if your MMR immunity is up-to-date. My doc checked it for me last time, because measles during pregnancy has serious complications for mom and baby.
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    Hey everyone, I'm still checking in on this thread multiple times a day and eagerly following all of the conversations going on even though I haven't chimed in. I'm glad to see that we have new TTCers among us!

    I'm about 10 DPO and it's not looking good (surprise, surprise). My cycle is progressing as it always does, with PMS symptoms showing up in their usual order. My libido hasn't really returned like it typically does by this point, but that's the only difference this month and is not a pregnancy indicator. I have the weird cervical feeling that I always get days before my period, mild menstrual cramps are beginning, and my energy is returning as progesterone drops. If we don't conceive by September, we might just go ahead and begin the adoption process, which is my other passion. But like...I didn't want it to be like that. I've always wanted to adopt, but not out of obligation. I don't want adoption to be an act of desperation for us, or a last resort. I want to adopt AFTER having a biological child, so that the adopted child and everyone else can see that we adopted because we have a heart for children and not just because we were desperate. Does that make sense?

    In September we can start looking into infertility screening, but my husband and I are kind of fleshing things out and really contemplating just starting up the adoption process if we don't conceive by September, and worrying about biological kids later.

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