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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @daisychain: I'm sorry you're dealing with this thyroid issue but I promise once you get used to the idea, it won't seem like any big deal at all. The medication is usually very well tolerated with very few side effects (if any) and most people do great once they get their levels where they belong! The more important thing I wanted to say that just because you have this thyroid issue does NOT mean that's why you miscarried. Women have miscarriages all the time (1 out of ever 4 women will have one), unfortunately, and most of the time it's literally impossible to know why it happened. Doctors think it's usually chromosomal or genetic and it just wasn't meant to work out. Believe me, I know how hard it is to swallow, but you have to just put it down to that pregnancy wasn't meant to be - but the next one will be. Miscarriages are especially hard when it's your first baby (like mine was) because it leaves so much up in the air - but right now, your odds are still good that you can get pregnant again and have a healthy pregnancy. Especially now that you're getting your other issues identified and taken care of. But don't beat yourself up - you had no way of knowing that there was anything going on and the vast majority of women don't get blood work-ups before they get pregnant! But now you're on the right track and I hope the baby dust finds its way to you soon!

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    daisychain- I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better about all of this! It can certainly be overwhelming at first. It seems like my thyroid levels were retested after I had been on the meds for 3 months the first time, but I can't remember for sure. It could have been one month. I would recommend just asking your doctor about how long they think you should wait before trying again. I'm not sure how long it takes the medicine to start making a difference. I do know that we weren't told to prevent a pregnancy in those three early months, we just didn't do our fertility treatments yet because we had to wait for the doctor to have an opening. Good luck, and feel free to message me if you need to! :-)
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    @maggie - Welcome and good luck on your TTC journey!

    @milasmama - Good luck! I hope you get your BFP soon. Although, not to be a downer, but my period was two days late in May. I took a couple tests and they were both negative. Then AF showed up. If you're testing negative you may not be pregnant, but many women take more than 14DPO to record their BFP. So, there's still hope until AF spoils your party!

    @RGE - I live in Adelaide and there's a ton of expats here. I'm good friends with an American girl who moved here a few years ago with her Australian husband.

    @nowakasia - Sorry things didn't go so well for you on Clomid this month. There are a lot of girls on this site who have had success on Clomid, so I know your BFP is just around the corner.

    @daisychain - Sorry to hear about your health troubles. Although I see you got some good advice from whit and cvdutch so hopefully they've raised your spirits.

    @whitegold - I know, tell me about it! The TWW is so hard and each month it gets harder! We're currently on our fourth month trying. I've also got friends who fell pregnant straight away, but I had a doctor's appointment last week (not TTC related) and he said he's not at all surprised we're not pregnant yet and he'd actually be more surprised if I was pregnant. He said it's completely normal to take several months to get pregnant and that most couples take more than six months. So, your friends are freaks of nature (lol). Whenever I feel discouraged, I tell myself: "Don't worry, it'll happen." Every negative means we're one month closer to a positive. That's just my way of looking at things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post
    First, disgusting is an understatement. The "health care" system in America is dehumanizing and cruel. If you are poor, and you get cancer, you're pretty much a goner. Unless you get a fundraiser going and other people donate their own money to help you out. So many Americans are totally detached from the reality of how hard it is to be poor and live in the US. And there are sadly so many people who vote for politicians that want to take literally everything away from them personally. Unemployment just got cut for over 70,000 people in my state, 1 in 10 of them being veterans. Why? Because when Conservatives start cutting, the first things to go are social programs for the poor, food stamps, unemployment, nutritional assistance, women's health, and head start/preschool. And people just let it happen because they aren't paying attention, they aren't even voting. It's a terribly sad state this country is in.

    Secondly, how would an American citizen go about moving to Australia? Is there an application process, or a test? Because I have wanted to live in Australia since I was little and I'm getting more and more serious about it as of late.
    I know what you mean, Rowan. I have placenta previa right now and will only be allowed to attempt a vaginal delivery if the placenta moves 2.5cm from the cervical opening. If I was in Australia it would only have to move 1.7cm from the cervical opening to attempt vaginal delivery. I assume the reason is that a C Section is expensive and my American hospital makes more money if I have a C section than if I have a vaginal delivery. If the government paid for the procedure (like how it works in almost every other western industrialized nation) it would be in their best financial interest to avoid an unnecessary cesarean. We have really nice health insurance right now, but unless my placenta moves past 2.5cm my money won't be able to buy a vaginal hospital delivery because hospitals are just too greedy. Sometimes my husband and I look at good paying jobs in other countries and think about how much it would suck to be an immigrant, but how nice it would be to have universal healthcare/dental care.

    Fox News has convinced the elderly that Obama is going to have a Death Panel killing all the old people. That is one of the major things holding our country back in terms of healthcare. Hopefully the younger generation won't fall prey to fear and lies so that someday everyone will be able to see a doctor when they're sick - not just rich people.

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    Thanks everyone for the support! I know it was the just the first round of Clomid and from what I hear it takes more than one usually... I guess I'll just keep on going like I have been and hope a higher dosage helps things.

    Whit - You might be able to help me with this... I'm on cycle day 27 right now, how long do I have to wait before I start up Provera to induce my next period. For this past cycle, I have a natural period to start. But I don't want to wait 40 days haha. I will of course take a pregnancy test beforehand to double check, but I'm not sure what day I should wait until. Thanks!
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