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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @maggie welcome! I hope your cycle gets back to normal soon, or better yet... AF doesnt show up at all!

    @milasmamma wow that's even more agonizing than the TWW, hopefully AF doesn't show so when your husband comes back with the test you can get a BFP right away.

    My hormones are all over the place, the dishwasher breaking down made me burst out in tears haha. Fortunately I have a couple of busy days ahead at work to keep my mind of the TWW (and the dishwasher), I don't expect AF until the weekend so no risk taking out the disappointment on my poor (thesis-defending) students.
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    Frangipani, I worked for immigration NZ for a while and can confirm there have been quite a lot of changes in that time. There's still a points system but NZ is much more in line with Aus in terms of how many points you need. And yup, still BFNs! One test tomorrow morning then no more til my husband gets back on the 6th (if AF doesn't arrive first, of course).

    Hi Maggie. We lived in Kuala Lumpur in the golden triangle (middle of the CBD). There's a huge Chinese population in KL, it's a complete mix of Chinese, Malays and Indians. I'd highly recommend it if you ever want to move somewhere in Asia (or even just to visit) - I keep looking for opportunities to move back there one day
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    Thanks for the kind words Khaatje and Lilysong!

    @Milasmama, my husband is actually from the city of Sibu in Sarawak province, though whenever we visit, I'm sure we'll go to KL too and hopefully stop by Singapore as well. (If you're going to fly clear across the world, you might as well see everything you can!) I hear the country is beautiful and the food is great. BTW, I love the name Mila!
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    Argh.... Just got a call from my doctor's office and my progesterone levels were too low still. Doctor wants me to up my dosage of Clomid for next month. I feel really disappointed. I thought maybe I did ovulate this cycle, with the combination of positive OPK and ovary twinges, but alas no. She did say my levels went up a little bit, but not enough. So looks like I'm out and my TWW isn't even over......
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    I'm so sorry nowakasia, that's very very disappointing after all the good signs. The good news is your body is reacting to the Clomid so a higher dosis could work next cycle, your at the start of your TWW for trying again! (But for now uggghhhh!
    Living a happy life with my #1 husband, my #1 cat and my #1 baby girl Aïcha (March 2014) and #1 baby boy Brahim (April 2017)

    Girls: Sanae - Fairouz - Kawtar - Keltoum
    Boys: Imran - Sabri - Yacoub - Omar

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