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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    @daisychain - Man, I'm so glad I live in Australia! I don't have health insurance, but I know having a baby will cost me virtually nothing (in terms of medical costs). It's all covered by Medicare here. For example, the hospital I'll go to when I'm pregnant for my pre-natal care and to give birth is a public hospital. They have a birthing pool. I know I can use that for zero cost along with everything else they offer. Ultrasounds and other tests are rebated. I'd be horrified to think, "Oh no, I can't have an epidural, it's too expensive." To be honest (and I don't mean to offend Americans), I think it's disgusting. America is the richest country on Earth. In Australia, even IVF is covered by most health insurance plans. If you don't have health insurance, Medicare covers about half of the costs, leaving you approximately $4,000 out of pocket for each attempt (not cheap, granted, but an awful lot less than you'll pay in America! IVF costs roughly $8,000 per try here). On health insurance, I think you'll pay about $1,500 per attempt. Sorry, I don't really remember, it's been a while since I researched it. The point is, if you want to have a baby and save some money, move to Australia

    @lilysong - Welcome and thanks for your best wishes!

    @alzora, khaatje and milasmama - Thanks for your best wishes! Hubby is feeling much better today! Approximate ovulation date is July 7, so he should be fine by then, thank goodness!
    First, disgusting is an understatement. The "health care" system in America is dehumanizing and cruel. If you are poor, and you get cancer, you're pretty much a goner. Unless you get a fundraiser going and other people donate their own money to help you out. So many Americans are totally detached from the reality of how hard it is to be poor and live in the US. And there are sadly so many people who vote for politicians that want to take literally everything away from them personally. Unemployment just got cut for over 70,000 people in my state, 1 in 10 of them being veterans. Why? Because when Conservatives start cutting, the first things to go are social programs for the poor, food stamps, unemployment, nutritional assistance, women's health, and head start/preschool. And people just let it happen because they aren't paying attention, they aren't even voting. It's a terribly sad state this country is in.

    Secondly, how would an American citizen go about moving to Australia? Is there an application process, or a test? Because I have wanted to live in Australia since I was little and I'm getting more and more serious about it as of late.
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    Sarahmezz and Rowangreeneyes- I'm not offended at all. I'm with you--it's totally crazy! I wish moving elsewhere for the medical care, not to mention the maternity leave, were feasible. Too bad my hubby's not Swedish (for several reasons--ha!). Or, while we're dreaming crazy dreams, the US system could get, I don't know, fixed!

    Anywho, I'll leave it there for fear of starting a political debate and just say one thing about reading that article is that it made me jealous of that lady in the picture--a complete random stranger minding her own business--for being pregnant. And for wearing a cute striped shirt while pregnant. I cannot wait to be pregnant and wear stripes. That's gonna be me, every day for nine months, wearing stripes!

    Lilysong, I think you're right. Short of miraculously having a Swedish husband, I think hiring a midwife's the way to go. But I feel like you have to see an OBGYN in order to find out whether or not your pregnancy is high risk, at which point you get roped into the medically intensive pregnancy and birth track.
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    @RGE - Move to Australia! We can have coffee Seriously, I don't know much about moving here, but I bet it's easier than an Australian moving to America. I know a few Americans who have moved here, but they're all married to Australians so their situation is different. I'm sure there's an application process. There's a test if you want to become a citizen. I really don't know much else.

    @daisychain - I know, she's so cute in her striped shirt! Jealousy here, too
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    Frangipani, how old is your stepson? It might work out if he is very young and fast asleep... Not so much if he's a pre-teen or older, haha.

    Daisychain, I too am horrified by the medical system in the US. We have medical insurance here because it's provided by my husband's company, but in New Zealand we don't need it. Most couples get their first 2 rounds of IVF free and your choice of maternity provider (independent midwives is the most common choice) is also free. As is staying in hospital, all birthing costs etc. I can't imagine having to decide what kind of birth to opt for depending on cost. I just can't fathom how it can be in the best interests of the economy, and the health of children, to cripple new parents with that kind of expense.

    Also, regarding your other post - if you start off with a midwife they can refer you to an OBGYN if they have concerns you might be high risk. That's what happened with me; I remained under my midwife's care but had a couple of appointments with specialists because of my medical history.

    Lookingahead - good luck!

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    @sarahmezz, glad to hear your hubby's feeling better. Oooh July 7: 7/7 what a lucky number.

    @daisychain, I'm originally from South Africa and my family looked at moving to Australia or New Zealand. That was a while ago now (14 years), so it may have changed. At the time, both countries worked on a point system. You get points depending upon age, qualifications, savings, job offers etc and need to achieve a certain number before getting into the country. We were unable to qualify for Australia but could for NZ. As I say, its been a while so it has probably changed a bit.

    @alzora and @khaatje, I agree about those thst have said its too early to judge. I so thought I wasn't pregnant less than a week before my bfp because it felt so like pms. However I did feel mild (slightly different cramping) a few days and also felt kinda like hot flushes. I know you don't want to get your hopes up too much but I do hope you both get bfps on the same day. That would be epic!!!!
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