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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Lilysong, thank you for sharing such a vivid, honest, and detailed story of your TTC struggles. I find it inspiring, and I hope and pray that I have the same outcome.

    @Sarahmezz, oh no! I would imagine his sickness is just a 24-hour bug, so you may still have a great shot at conception this cycle, but I know how nervous you must be. I hope he feels better soon--not just for the sake of TTC, but because digestive illnesses are miserable. Read this article [link] and get yourself some grape juice so that you don't come down with it next!

    Good luck to my fellow two-week wait buddies! (@Milasmama, let's pretend that BFN did not happen. Just keep waiting.)

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    @lilysong what beautifull story, thank you for sharing! I hope miracle number two will announce him/herself when the time is right, let's hope and pray thay time is soon

    @sarahmezz uggghh what bad timing, hope your husband feels better soon!

    @alzora TWW buddy reporting for duty I dreamt I had implantation bleeding last night, and woke up all disappointed it was just a dream clearly I'm notvery succesfull at keeping my mind of the TWW... still not feeling pregant but then again implantation would be today so I can't be feeling anything yet, not feeling hopefull still

    @nowakasia did the test results come back? Hoping for good news!
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    Oh no Sarah! Fingers crossed he is well enough... Have to admit I didn't tell my husband when I was ovulating (though obviously he knows we are TTC!).

    Alzora, I'm happy to pretend! And pretend the one this morning didn't happen either :/ Going to wait a couple more days and then if my period doesn't show up, test again.

    Lilysong, what a beautiful story. I felt our little one turned up at just the right time in our lives too - though the other way around, much sooner that we planned!
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    Yeah @lilysong, I agree with the others, thats such a cool story and testimony of God's goodness I reckon just go with it and start trying for no 2 if you feel ready.

    @Milasmama, oooh that doesn't make sense you getting a bfn hang in there

    It looks like we may possibly delay ttc one more month. We're going on holiday this Friday and my periods due next Tuesday. Which kinda means ttc trying days will be over our 3week holiday when we will be sharing a room with my stepson. Also I will then probably have to watch what I eat and drink (especially airplane food) in the final week. It might just be easier waiting till we get back. Usually my cycle is like clockwork but it arrived 4 days early last month and its thrown my plan out a bit. Ohhhhhh my gosh!!! It doesn't seem to pay to be too organised. To be honest the biggest reason I regret putting off ttc till August is because my stepsons birthday is in May. If we have an April baby it wont take away from him. But there's no guarantee I will fall pregnant in the first month anyway, so I could deny myself a whole lot of good food and wine while away for nothing! !!! I was talking about this to DH he just laughed (in a nice way) and shook his head. Haha I know I'm an overthinker and it will all work out differently to how I plan anyway. I'm glad he laughs cos that puts things in a bit more perspective.
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    Thought I'd share this article in today's New York Times so those outside the US can get a glimpse of what we're dealing with in terms of medical expenses. Warning: this will stress you out (Although I found it comforting that the woman with low platelets gave birth to a healthy baby.)

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