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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Mar 2013
    Just finished an 8 day stretch of EWCM. That's good right? Not sure when I ovulated within the 8 days.. But I'll start the TWW from today! I'm currently on CD16, although not sure when to expect my period buuuuuut Here's hoping it ends in good news!!!

    Welcome to all the new joiners and good luck with your TTC Journey!!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    @ frangipani... Yup, I feel for those women too, and in fact anyone unmarried and pregnant (and not a tourist, lol). We did indeed buy pregnancy tests in the end, I got four. Have to say it was an intensely uncomfortable experience! BFN tonight though Day 30 of my cycle and no sign of my period yet but I am expecting it sometime in the next couple of days. I'll do one more test with first morning urine and then try and leave it a couple more days. My husband is in Bangkok for the next week so he has been charged with buying more tests for the next cycle while he's there.

    @ alzora, pain has completely gone today! My body is weird, haha.

    @ whitegold, that sounds pretty good to me!

    @ lilysong, welcome. From what I've heard it doesn't make a difference if you start TTC now, though it may take a few months for your cycle to become regular.
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    Thanks for the welcome!
    @Alzora, Would you like the spiritual side of the story or the medical/physical? I'll try to combine the two... We started tic after being married only 6 months and having known each other only a year before that. We're from two different cultures, so I don't think 1.5 years was enough time to get to know each other well enough to venture into the realm of parenthood (it may be more than enough time for others, but we needed more time). But, I was in a hurry , feeling like I was getting old fast. So I believe God sent us our son at just the right time... it just wasn't my preferred time. Medically speaking, we sought medical advice after a few months of tic, naively thinking that everyone got pregnant easily. Because of my age, they told me I could start with fertility tests even though it hadn't been a full year yet (it's always shocking to be told you can have something because you are "old"). So we did blood work, a spermogram (or whatever it's called, I can't remember all the terminology right now), and an ultrasound test of some kind. Everything came back normal, though DH's sperm count and motility was on the low side of normal. I did a round of Clomid, which didn't do a thing for me -no side-effects, nothing. Then we started talking about IUIs and IVFs. All of that took about a year. At that point I started dragging my heals. I don't know why, but I didn't really want to go through artificial means of getting pregnant. Maybe I was just scared. We went to an information session about becoming foster parents and/or adopting a child, and I started reading up on adoptions. But, all the options in that regard are expensive and/or with long waits. (Adoption is still in the back of our minds, even if we have other children, but not for the immediate future.) In July of 2011 we went to the fertility doctor to find out what to do for the next step. He explained, but said that we couldn't start now because the entire clinic was shutting down for the whole month of August and going on vacation (it's a clinic he and his wife run).
    About 2 years in, we started being more open about our struggles. We talked to our friends and Bible study group and asked people to pray for us when they thought of it. We discovered many of our friends had tried for years before getting pregnant, or were going through the same thing. In November of 2011 (I don't know why it took me so long to go back), I went back to the same fertility clinic and went through the same information session with the same doctor. He told me that the entire clinic was shutting down for the whole month of December, again, on vacation, but to call and set up an appointment the first day AF showed up in January. Mid-December, we sent out a news letter to our extended family. At the end of the letter, we put in photos and updates of our two cats and the dog. We also included a prayer request section which ended with: "If you do not wish to receive updates about Rex, Bella and Maggie (the cats & dog), please pray with us for a baby." In January I was anxiously awaiting AF to start so that I could call the doctor, get some appointments scheduled and start this whole process. At the end of January I suddenly realized that I hadn't called the doctor yet. I remember having coffee with a friend and explaining how odd and tired I felt and that I needed to call the doctor, but couldn't because my period hadn't started. She got really excited and told me to go home and get a pregnancy test on the way. I wasn't excited yet. I felt like if I got excited, it would somehow jinx things and I wouldn't really be pregnant after-all. But, 39 weeks later we had a beautiful little baby boy. I'm so thankful for our little miracle, and for God's perfect timing in this, rather than my hurried up version.
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    @alzora - I'm doing ok with the two week wait. Not going crazy as I have in previous waits. I don't feel any different - although obviously it's super early to feel anything at all. I guess I kind of feel like you - thinking another normal cycle is taking place and not feeling preggo. I'll know for sure in another week.... :/
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    Heading into ovulation time and husband is sick with gastro! Crossing my fingers he feels better soon and is able to perform his husbandly duties!
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