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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jun 2013
    Just got a BFN! This is progress!!
    Just had to share. Hopefully this is the last time this is a cause for celebration

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    @daisychain: all 3 of the babies that I know that were born with the help of Mucinex are wonderful and healthy and perfect (one is my now 5 year old nephew)! Granted, that is obviously anecdotal evidence. But considering the amount of research I've done on other medications and things during pregnancy, I cannot fathom that a woman taking ONE single mucinex tab, an hour before sex, would matter in that way at all. I understand your question completely and it's a valid one, it's just my (non-doctor) opinion that it doesn't make sense to me. I would think that if it makes it easier for semen to reach the egg, the best of the bunch is going to get there easier before/rather than any of the inferior ones. Does that make sense? Again, I'm not a doctor and can't make any guarantees. After waiting a year after our miscarriage, approaching 35, we just wanted to do anything we could just to GET PREGNANT. As I'm sure most of you understand! But I'll be 17 weeks on Monday and I have my anatomy scan on July 16th, if anything isn't looking right, I'll definitely be on here again posting about it.

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    @Milasmama, oh wow living in the Maldives sounds very exotic! !! Sounds like a totally different world, the way you have to have your husband with you when buying a pregnancy test. I so feel for the poor women who are the victims of rape, especially in countries with laws like that. They would be so unsupported in a very scary time if they fell pregnant. When will you manage to get a test? Oh and I don't think that's silly at all keeping your test from Mila. It took me a few goes before I managed to purchase a test from the store because I always saw someone I knew (small town) when I went to get one. So I bought a 3 pack to save having to try buying again too soon. Then I ended up using up all 3 in a matter of half an hour, just to be sure haha. I've still kept one in memory of my baby. Luckily I have been in touch with a lovely midwife who says she will deliver a free test to my door whenever I think I might be pregnant. What a sweetie she is

    @Alzora, yeah my Mum carried me to 3 days before my due date but had to be booked in for a c-section. She was told that was a miracle that wouldn't happen again but she fell pregnant with my brother soon after (and he weighed over 8lbs) So I totally believe in miracles.
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    Hello all! I've been lurking in the background for a couple months wondering if I should post. DH and I are trying to figure out when to start TTC in ernest. Baby #1 is 9 months old now, but we would like to have 3 children (at least that seems to be a good number to me) and I'm already 37, so it seems best that they be close together. Plus, it took us 2.5 years of trying for Jax. I've heard rumours that it's easier to get pregnant the 2nd time around, but that doesn't make sense scientifically to me. It would be nice if it were true though. Up until now, ttc wasn't really an option, but AF showed up this morning for the first time post-birth. Does anyone know if it's healthy/wise to go through a couple cycles before ttc or it doesn't matter? Jax is an autumn baby, and I'd love to have a spring baby, but a baby anytime would be great.
    @frangipani, I love your Mom's story of confounding the doctors not once, but twice! Miracles do happen every day -we're just often not aware of them.
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    @Milasmama, how are you feeling today? Has the abdominal pain subsided?

    @Nowakasia, how are you holding up with the two-week wait? My best guess is that I'm 6 DPO, and I don't feel pregnant at all. I can feel my cervix changing or whatever it always does the week before my period, and I just feel like the normal progression is bound to happen, but as has been pointed out several times, it's impossible to know until post-implantation, which could happen as late as 10-12 DPO.

    @Daisychain, great to hear that things are finally moving forward for you. Keep us updated!

    @Frangipani, your existence is a miracle, and that story is inspiring.

    @Lilysong, welcome aboard! I can't answer your questions, but I'm glad you're joining us. You said it took you 2.5 years to conceive Jax; did you seek medical help at any point, or did it just happen on its own after a while? Do you know what the hold-up was? I hope this next attempt happens quickly for you!

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