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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Taliface, I'm sorry to hear your disappointing news.

    @Daisychain, aw, I hope you don't have to wait to sort out the thyroid and platelet stuff. Keep us posted on that. Is your husband very supportive? You indicated earlier that he is not entirely on board with the TTC thing yet?

    @Milasmama, it must be killing you to not have a pregnancy test at this point! You poor thing! I'm incredibly hopeful for you. The nausea especially is a good indicator that something's up.

    @Frangipani, since you've already promised to tell your story, I will refrain from asking you a million and one questions about yourself. Eager to get to know another TTCer.

    General question to all who are here...just a recap: How many cycles have you all been trying at this point? I'm on my eleventh cycle.

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    Milasmama, I'm excited for you! Good signs. I am sending good wishes across many oceans and land masses.

    Frangipani-- Glad I inspired you to join!

    Alzora-- Thankfully, my husband's extremely supportive through this. And he's very into the baby making. It just took about a year of me yearning to start trying and him dragging his heels. But the we had a big discussion--really a fight--in August when I apparently said something very convincing, and he came on board, so to speak (tee hee) right after that.

    So I guess we've been trying since late August--10 or so months ago, but were often away from each other during those crucial days. Got pg in April, miscarried staring Tues. June 11th.

    Now waiting not only for specialists' results but also for HGC to leave the system before trying again-- Yep, hoping for a BFN, how's that for strange.

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    @daisychain well, then here I am, wishing for a BFN for you! Really, I hope things go well for you right now. I'm so sorry about your miscarriage.

    @alzora, I've been trying for about 3 cycles. This is my fourth. Not so long, really, but AF arrived today so this month is out. Oh, well-- I'm doing my best to just look forward to next month.

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    @alzora I'm currently on my second cycle. Still fresh in the game but it feels muh longer though!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    I am on my 17th or 18th cycle. It's been a looooooong and disappointing road.
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