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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Apr 2013
    Aw, daisychain, that is a lot of unwelcome news. The only one I have any experience with is hypothyroidism. It can cause miscarriage, but the good news is that it is common and easy to treat (a pill a day - the tricky part is finding the right dose). Hypothyroidism sneaks up on you and it's not until after you've taken medication for a little while that you realize how much better you feel! At least, that's how it is with me. Good luck with all of your appointments!

    As for my specialists - a lot are only semi related to TTC. As I mentioned, I have hypothyroidism, so I see an endocrinologist regularly. The other specialists I have yet to see but they are:
    - cardiologist - sometimes have high blood pressure (I blame white coat syndrome - doctors make me nervous! but we'll see)
    - geneticist - I have Klippel Feil syndrome, a rare genetic / congenital thing, that might affect my babies/ pregnancy
    - gynecologist and nephrologist - so embarrassing, but I have had a wee bit of blood in my urine the last 3 samples and used to have a fair amount of spotting and breakthrough bleeding (although none since I went off the pill), so we need to follow up on it, especially since I have only one kidney (surgically removed as toddler). I've had pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds, both which came back normal. So we will see what the specialists say!


    One of my favourite parts about this board is that I am not the only one with a unique medical history. Everyone's is different, but many of us can relate to multiple doctors and appointments - whether it's for TTC purposes or just general health purposes.

    Keep us posted as to your appointments, if you feel comfortable doing so.

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    Andie-- Yikes indeed! That is a lot of specialists. Especially unpleasant when doctors make you nervous.

    It sounds like hypothyroidism and low platelets both are associated with miscarriage. Which leaves me with the horrible thought that my pregnancy could have been ok if I had had blood work and gone to the doctor before getting pregnant.

    The odd thing is I don't have the symptoms I've read are associated with hypothyroid--weight gain, constipation and fatigue/depression. Well, maybe the latter.

    I suppose I should quit speculating and wait until I've heard from a doctor.

    Ok: I'd like to end on a positive note. Those of us who manage to get pregnant in the next few months can look forward to having a very well-timed baby (at least those in the northern hemisphere). You won't be heavily pregnant in the hottest months, and your kid will have a good birthday for outdoor parties!

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    I like your positve note at the end Daisychain!

    I would love a spring baby but alas, we shall see what happens....
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    @daisychain, that's a great point! My husband would really love to have a baby born in the spring. And I'd love to be pregnant over the winter.

    My period is due today, but so far, nothing. I'd rather just have it show up and know for sure! If it's not here tomorrow, I might test, but I know it's still early. And it's so horrible seeing a negative on the test. So I'll probably just keep waiting. Good luck to everyone else in their TWW!

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    @daisychain welcome! Sorry to hear about your loss and health problems, I hope they will be sorted out soon! I have ehlers danlos disease which is genetically dominant, so I can def. relate to having to worry about the future baby's health and dealing with many specialists.

    @Andieta, wow thats a lot of specialist indeed! Whats the prognosis for future babies/pregnancies?

    @rachel, ooohhh exciting, I hope another BFP is coming soon!

    @alzora, how are you doing this TWW? Do you feel less stressed his month? My hip should be better in a week or 2, so should be able to handle a pregnancy, but my joints get inflamed at random so now is as good (or bad) as any time to TTC

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