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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Gosh this has been a quiet few days. Hope everyone is well. We are away for a weekend break. No idea still what is up with my cycle - still getting fertile cervical fluid & now well and truly confused, lol.
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    Yeah, nothing to report here. I guess I've just started the two-week wait. I didn't do ovulation tests this month, so I don't know which day I ovulated, but I think it was yesterday based on my skin and physical appearance. Lots of fertile cervical mucus for the past three days, tapering off toward the end of the day yesterday. We didn't even try yesterday though. We tried the two previous days and I told him that was good. I have no expectations for this month and am just waiting it out until I can seek medical help in September. I'm just going to enjoy my summer without TTC stress. No more tracking for me. When I see fertile cervical mucus we'll give it a go each month, but no more testing, and no more expecting anything. September is not that far away.

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    @alzora - I think that's a good attitude to have right now. You're still doing your thing when you feel fertile but not obsessing. I think that's a good way to not drive yourself crazy until September. Good luck to you as always!

    I guess I am starting TTW. This is my first Clomid cycle, so I went to buy OPKs before starting. I usually just got the smiley versus blank circle ones by Clearblue. Well, I saw these "Advanced" Clearblue Ovulations kits that actually give you three readings.... A blank circle for nothing, a flashing smiley for high and a smiley for peak. Has anyone used these??? So I thought, why not? ha! Anyway, starting Day 11 of my cycle I started testing each morning and it wasn't until Day 18 in the morning that I got a blinking smiley for high. Something made me test again in the evening, and what do you know? Now it showed peak levels with a stationary smiley face. My husband was gone that day so we couldn't do anything but we had our fun the following day. My doctor had told me to try for it the day after it turned positive anyway. Now I've gotten positive readings on one of these before, so I wasn't too, too excited BUT I also started feeling twinges/slight pains where my ovaries are starting the day of the positive and the next day when we BDed. So I am feeling cautiously optimistic. I am really hoping the Clomid worked and made me ovulate. I think we will try again today too, although probably if it did happen, the window of opportunity has already closed. I am also going in to get my Progesterone levels tested in a couple days to see if I did in fact ovulate. I will be really excited if my levels show that I did. I don't want to get too excited otherwise.

    Anyway, that's my (long - sorry!) update.

    Good luck to everyone else wherever they are in their TTC journey!
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    Thank you, @Nowakasia! Oh man, I hope you sounds REALLY promising! Eagerly awaiting your updates.

    A non-TTC question for anyone who may know (this TTC thread has become my I'm-not-starting-a-thread-for-this-but-let's-talk-about-it thread): Is it true that you shouldn't drink milk on a hot day because it will make you throw up? Particularly if you are going to be doing anything strenuous in the heat? I've heard it from lots of different people for years. But I miss my morning chocolate milk in the summers. Wives' tale or truth? Blade? Anybody?

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    Ooh, fun. Proteins and fats are more difficult to digest than carbohydrates; they stay in the stomach and upper small bowel longer and need more complex enzymatic reactions to be done away with. In very hot climates, your circulation is drawn away from splanchnic areas like the intestine and towards the skin for cooling, which slows down digestion even more. So if you have a massive protein/fat load from a few liters of full-fat milk, went for a 5 mile jog on a steamy 100-degree day, and decided to lay out afterwards... no doubt, you'd throw up, due to your stagnant GI contents.

    I think a modest amount of chocolate milk in an air-conditioned house probably wouldn't have any effect.
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