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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Feb 2013
    I'm so behind on this thread but HUGE CONGRATS to all the bfps -I'll try to catch up later! Mrs. H, I saw your entry, loved the way you wrote that, hooray!!!
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    @sarahmezz,, sorry to hear about AF, that really sucks :/

    Re: luteal phases; I really need to do some more research about these things.very naive I know but it's surprising how little I actually know about my body! I love this forum for educating me!
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    Wowza! I was just on vacation for a few days and missed several pages of posts...

    Glad to see you're back Mrs H! A big congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm currently tracking my ovulation after taking my first round of Clomid. Hope it works for me too!

    Sarah - I'm sorry to see that you didn't get your positive this month. :/ It's only been 3 months though (easy to say I know) but hang in there. Your cycles seem to run like clockwork so it's just a matter of time.

    Alzora - I want to echo the sentiments of others who have expressed how supportive you are to everyone, despite your own crazy journey. I know from experience that it can be hard to be supportive of others sometimes when things aren't working out for you.

    I'm still truckin along. It's day 16 and no ovulation yet... Hope the Clomid worked but who knows?!?
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    Just wanted to share that DH and I were able to try on our scheduled day this week and even though I SWORE to myself I would not get my hopes up, it is no use. All day today, every single time I felt ANYTHING my heart screamed, "I bet it is because you're pregnant!" It sucks to be a girl sometimes. What's even worse is I should find out during our July vacation if I am or not, so that could be a bummer...

    P.S. Trying for a girl is even worse, in terms of the mind games you play with yourself. We are having sex so far ahead of my ovulation date, I don't know how much longer I can stand it. Every month that we don't get pregnant I think, "I wonder if I would have if I stopped trying for a girl." Thanks for listening.
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    I have a stupid question..

    Can some women ovulate soon after AF? I had a short AF sun/mon. Yesterday there was a bit of EWCM and today a lot more! Crevix is high and soft. I feel a bit of mild pain in what feels like my right ovary? Idk.. Seems odd for it to be so soon but everything is screwy after coming off the pill.
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