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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Mrs. H - Matilda is also number one on my list, and Emerald is a lovely mn. Congrats to you - I'll be cheering on your little one!

    So, I've just been catching up a little one everyone's stories. I hate when I go too long and then have pages and pages to catch up on. Sheesh! Just know that I'm sending everyone good thoughts and baby dust.

    Currently in my TWW - not my favorite place to be. I'll be pretty busy until next week, so hopefully I can take my mind off the wait a little. I'm 7 DPO and will be expecting AF sometimes around the 26th. Definitely not going to disappoint myself with an early test this month. I'm fairly certain I've learned my lesson by now...

    Anyway, just a little update. I do enjoy reading everyone else's updates, even if I don't get to post as often as I'd like. Take care all!
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    Congrats Mrs H!!!!! Awesome news! I loved the story and can feel your heart bursting with joy!!
    My edd is 2/26/14... We are pregnancy buddies :-)

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    Thanks and thanks and more thanks, everybody. You're all so nice. Emmabobemma, alas, no, 2014 is not a leap year. You better believe I checked.

    Vitamom3, congrats! That's awesome!

    I'm suddenly so tired so I'm gonna crash early for a change.

    'Night, all!

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    Mrs. H I've been thinking about you lately and wondering where you were. I'm so, so, so happy for you! And you give me hope! Congratulations!
    Under construction...

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    Miss USA - congrats! I would be glad personally to have missed a leap year - your LO will most likely want to celebrate their birthday, on their birthday! I was so so tired during the first trimester, too.

    What is the issue with short luteal phases? I have ovulated very late this month (I think) and I don't recall my cycle being especially long, so I wonder if I am going to have a short luteal phase. What counts as short?

    If I don't conceive this month I will at least be glad to have a better idea of my cycle length, so I have something to compare the next one to.
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