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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Emma and @Andrea, you are both so sweet and encouraging. Thank you for your kind words. You two cheered me up.

    @Sarah, don't beat yourself up over your impatience; you are allowed to be frustrated. I mean yeah, it's good to keep problems in perspective--I haven't been trying nearly as long as a few others on here, and that reminds me to chill out a bit--but at the same time, that doesn't negate your own sadness or aggravation. Each failed month is painful, whether it's your first attempt or your twelfth.

    @Whitegold, TTC IS hard!! It's the most emotionally draining thing I've ever gone, second only to the psychological aspects of trauma...but actually maybe this is more painful than that.

    @Loveday, I too have tried to pull away from conscious TTC tracking and timing. It's really hard for me to do that because when I see the cervical mucus I automatically go into TTC Mode and take it over the top. Better luck to you with it.

    @Butterflykisses, has the spotting stopped?

    @Milasmama, yes! Seriously, if I knew when I would conceive, the waiting would be a breeze!

    @Beatrixdaisy, I'm sorry about your disappointment today. I know I sound like a broken record on here, but try to think of it as Day 1 of your next cycle. In only about two weeks you will get to try again!

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    Hey hey. Remember me? I've missed you guys. NB still doesn't work great on my phone so I just started slacking on visiting the site. I hope everyone is well. I had to pop by today and let you all know that I got a BFP this morning. I'm over the moon. It's really early (13 DPO) but man, it's so there.

    The thing I did different this month was progesterone cream in the 2WW. I'd been having, if you recall, a 10 day luteal phase with significant spotting in the last day or two. I know Clomid can thin your lining. I'd spoken to the nurse (who spoke to the doctor) twice and both times they said my luteal phase was fine.

    I didn't buy it. Sorry. I know they have degrees and experience and I don't but my gut said, "Smear some cream on yourself." So I did.

    My plan was to keep smearing it on until 14 DPO and if I didn't have a BFP, stop the cream and wait for AF to start. I had a few episodes in the past few days of what felt like mild but noticeable AF cramps, but zero spotting. Thanks to the new prenatals I started a week ago, I have had pretty high energy and I've felt really upbeat, besides two huge mood plummets. One: when my husband failed a home sperm test. Um, do not buy that, you guys! And two: watching the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting. I hate chick flicks. I don't know why I watched it. But it made me cry like a homeless orphan.

    Anyway despite the fact that I didn't feel pregnant at all, my friend was begging me to test a day earlier than planned. And I caved. So I set out the FRER and a red solo cup by the turlet last night.

    I had to wake up earlier than usual, and I woke not long before and drank cold water twice, so when my temp was low (just below cover line) I knew there might be a reason for that besides not being pg, but I still figured, well, I'm out. My bbs stopped hurting a couple days ago, too. Not my month.

    Went to pee and saw the damn test sitting there and thought, well, I'll take it and get a BFN and feel like s**t and start a new cycle and take Clomid and feel insane and so on.

    So I peed. I dipped. And wouldn't you know it. A freaking LINE.

    I remember going, "Is it? IS IT? IS IT A LINE?" Out LOUD, mind you. Alone. Naked in the bathroom.

    I'll never be able to describe that moment but I want all of you to experience it because it is so. good. I was shaking so much I could barely take a photo of the test. I ended up on the phone with my husband crying and waving a test around, 100% naked just pacing around the house. And then I had to get ready for a job interview!

    Anyway. I know it's early (4w2d). And especially with my history, the M word is in the back of my mind. Human nature. But I'm not worrying about it. I'm not going in for a blood test because the doctor's office didn't mention it and I don't care. I'm not going to obsess about numbers. I'm not going to temp. I'm going to smear progesterone cream on m'self every day and in three weeks I'm going in for an ultrasound.

    I am relaxing, chilling out, looking at puppy videos on the Internet, laughing, and feeling awesome about life. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. We are both in God's hands, and I feel completely good about that.

    I am talking to the bean and telling him/her to be very good and keep growing so s/he can come out in 8 months and we can party.

    For those of you who are TTC, my God, I know that anguish, and I am praying so damn hard for you. I want all of you to feel this. Please don't give up.

    God bless you all.
    Mrs. H.
    Trying for our first.
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    Mrs. H. That is the most phenomenal news and I laughed and cried reading your post! I am so very happy for you!!! Congratulations!!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    That´s amazing news Mrs. H.!!! Congratulations! Your story about talking out loud and running around the house just made my day! I hope and pray you´ll have a healthy pregnancy.

    I just got released from hospital so the eight-week-wait is finally over Ovulation is coming soon, so I hope I'll be ready to TTC in time. Fortunaly DH is less depressed and was even telling me his baby name list tonight, so no more worries there.

    @whitegold, sarah, milasmamma, alzora, butterflykisses; this TTC thing is a real test of patience and nerves, but I'm happy you're all here to relate to. Fingers crossed for another round of trying!

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    Oh my goodness, MrsH, I'm so happy for you! Amazing, amazing news! Congratulations!
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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