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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @whitegold - my mother got pregnant as easily as breathing. She has had four children (two being "surprises", one of which when she was 44), and I suspect multiple abortions. None of the other women in my family (grandmothers, aunts, sister) have had any trouble conceiving. I always assumed because of this that getting pregnant would be very, very easy for me. Not so much.
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    @whitegold, I'm one of four kids and my mother had no trouble conceiving any of us. My father comes from a family of 6 kids so no fertility issues there either. My own health issues were supposed to mean that I was not fertile, but I went ahead and conceived Mila while on the mini pill so I am hoping that's a sign all is ok. My sister has two daughters - her first was also a surprise and the second one did not take long to conceive. Neither of my brothers have kids yet. None of these things are guarantees, of course.

    @violetink, best of luck. It does sound like a positive sign.

    I'm so very very nauseous today but I am *finally* ovulating (or just about to) - day 19 of my cycle! So I'm happy about that. I was starting to think I wouldn't.
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    @whitegold: My mother got pregnant with me (the eldest) and my brother (six years later) within their first month of trying. Her mother had eight children all close in age and out of her three sisters, two have children (although one has endometriosis) and the other was never able to have children. On my dad's side, my grandmother had four children easily and one of my aunts was never able to have children (for reasons unknown to me) and my other aunt had two children very close in age. I have very few girls cousin's and only two have had children; one conceived on accident and the other took years and years trying and had many miscarriages before she conceived her son who was born just a few months ago.
    My husband's family is full of Fertile Myrtles. He is one of four children and between his three siblings our family has been blessed with seven nieces and nephews. I honestly think it will be hit or miss with me. Fingers crossed!
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    Thanks for responding ladies! Very interesting! Guess there is no telling what your experience is going to be like based on family history!
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    @whitegold - It seems to be every other one on my side.

    My Mom was a Fertile Myrtle - pregnant with me within months of getting married. and even though she was told not to have any more kids (advanced maternal age of 32 (gasp!) and overweight with high blood pressure) she got pregnant with my brother and sister on 2 different types of birth control when she was 34 and 35. She did it just in time too since she was done with Menopause by her early 40s.

    My aunt (mom's sister) never had children. She had Endometriosis. And when they finally discovered it in the early 80s, she had to have a hysterectomy.

    I also had endometriosis. As did another cousin on my Dad's side... it does run in families.

    I've often wondered if it had something to do with my grandparents. My grandmother only had the 2 girls - she had problems and had a hysterectomy at 29 yrs old. and her husband had the measles in the army - they told him that he'd be lucky to father any children at all, and if he did, they'd be all the same sex.

    Generations of reproductive issues. I'm hoping that my sister is like my mom - a fertile myrtle.

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