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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    congrats on recent engagements and bfps!
    just going to take a moment to vent here: so CD day 23 and so far no positive opk with the wondfo strips. ???? sigh. feeling quite frustrated by that. either i'm ovulating really late and it has yet to happen/show up on the strips, not ovulating at all (which i think would be pretty unlikely i think since i am getting periods??) or i've already ovulated and it didn't show up on the strips for some reason.
    reading up a bit on late ovulation is starting to stress me out - apparently it can be hard to conceive when you ovulate late in your cycle (and therefore have a short luteal phase). blah. not sure what to do if i get my period early next week (when its due), with never having had a positive ovulation strip. should i just try another brand? make an appointment with my doctor? i'm, ya you know. makes it a little more urgent when things aren't tickity-boo. come on body: ovulate! you can do it!

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    @khaatje thanks! You've put my mind at ease so much lately!! You rock! I wouldn't be surprised if I do get my period because my cervix was high and hard during this whole bleed (and for the past week). It usually drops for AF. So maybe this was a pre-bleed? Thanks for all your advice!
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    @whitegold: I had a similar period when I first came off of BC. It was very painful, but surprisingly light and short for the amount of pain I was in. I think it's pretty normal, but I can't tell you that with 100% certainty.

    @loveday: I'm sorry that you never got a positive reading. Perhaps it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor, just to make sure everything is alright. Good luck

    Congratulations to all of you ladies who have received BFP's and engagement rings! I love it when we have good news on this thread!

    I haven't posted in a while (I've pretty much collapsed everyday after work), so I thought I'd give just a quick update...
    My period is due within the next four to five days, and I've tried to keep my mind off of everything as to not get my hopes up (again) and so I won't get as disappointed (again). However, today at work we had a client come in who smelled so strongly of stale cigarettes that my head started pounding and I got so nauseous that I had to step outside of the office (after they were safely in the conference room, I didn't want to seem rude). Two of the women in my office started teasing me that I must be pregnant to have such a reaction. So now, just a few days before AF will most likely rear her stupid, gloating head, I've gotten myself all worked up and excited and to make matters worse my husband is corralling kids at Church Camp all this week, so I don't have him to vent to; not that he's all that helpful at quelling my excitement, he's SUCH an optimist. It would be amazing if I did get my BFP this month, I just hate getting my hopes up and then having them crushed into itty bitty pieces.

    I know that this roller coaster of emotions is nothing new to you ladies, and I thank you again for listening to my complaints.

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    @loveday - Unfortunately, just because you're getting periods doesn't mean you're ovulating. If you haven't had a positive OPK, the reasons could be: you didn't ovulate this month, you ovulated/are going to ovulate at an odd time during the month, or you ovulated at the right time but didn't catch it on the OPKs. This can happen if you ovulate soon after your LH surge and you're only testing for ovulation every twenty-four hours (which means you might miss it on your tests). Maybe next month you could try testing every twelve hours if you haven't already been? Good luck
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    It seems like there are a few of us just off the pill. I'm half a month to a month or so behind some of you - day 11 of my first cycle off the pill. I'm tracking my fertility signs even though I am not expecting to ovulate this month. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out cervical fluid, but I'll give it a cycle or two to figure it out. I'm curious to see how the cycle goes. I remember my periods being very heavy and very painful and very long when I wasn't on the pill so hopefully it isn't too bad! It's nice to hear other people's experiences!

    Violetink, good luck! I hope you get your good news. And you're always welcome to vent here!

    Loveday, I was going to say the same thing as Sarah. I think LH is supposed to be most concentrated in the early afternoon, and some people have very short LH surges. So taking it early afternoon and/or every 12 hours might be a good idea next cycle if you haven't been. Also, you could just be ovulating late this month - were you sick or stressed or travelling recently? Those things can delay ovulation (and also your period). You could keep testing this month just to see? Either way, good luck!

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