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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    So if my calculations are correct and my ovulation is normal I should have ovulated yesterday. The boy and I had sex but he didn't get off. That happens on occasion and it's not normally an issue but this particular time it was rather important. The sex was amazing but it still kinda has me bummed out. We were gonna try again last night but we were both too tired after all the father's day activities with our families. He said we could probably try tonight, but I'm worried it will be too late. Le sigh. I'm probably out of the running for this month. :-(

    On the other hand ... congrats to all the people with good news!

    Ideally I'd like to have two kids pretty close together and then leave the option open for having or adopting a third later on. I'd be happy with either gender but I would prefer one of each. The boy really wants to have a boy first, but I'd be content either way.

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    Oooh two pregnancies and an engagement?! We're on a roll here ladies.
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    Vitamom - Congratulations! That is fantastic news! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

    (Did I miss another BFP? If so, congrats! I know that there have been a lot in the Jan-Mar thread, woohoo!)

    Sarah and Caroline - I have my fingers crossed for your BFPs this weekend. I have a good feeling about it.

    Butterflykisses - wishing you so much baby dust this week!

    December - congrats on the engagement! I love weddings so much!

    Poppy - hope your pre-op appointment goes well. I'm glad to hear that you seem to have a plan coming together! I think I would be hesitant to mention anything that gets me a shot in my bum, too!

    I think we will have two children. I used to want 4, when I was a teenager, and then spent two summers babysitting 3 kids - just too much work for me! But I do like being a family of 3 kids.

    I have my abdominal ultrasound on Wednesday, hopefully all will be normal!

    Good luck to everyone, here's hoping for a good month of BFPs!

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    In a perfect world, I think I would like 2-3 kids. 2 is more my style, my partner and I are both one of 3 though so I know that is manageable. Of course, if I must have three I'd like a set of twins. Grecianurn, you wanna tell me your secret?

    @rowen: I have no consistent ovulation symptoms besides EW CM and an increased libido I've had, at various times, clear skin, blotchy skin, dry skin, ovulation pain, weight loss, weight gain...basically nothing consistent.

    @december: congrats on your engagement!!

    @vitamom: congrats on your bfp!

    Good news abounds. I wish everyone luck and baby dust this cycle!
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    @milasmama - My husband and I have tentatively said we'll have three children. I think he'd be happy with two (if we had a boy and a girl), but if we had two boys or two girls he'd like to try again! I'd like three either way!

    @december - Congratulations on your engagement! Sorry you didn't get your positive this month, but an engagement is a pretty exciting consolation prize!
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