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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora, I could talk about adoption all day too. I wish it was still a viable option for us. The requirements for NZ are so strict, we can only adopt from certain countries and Albania isn't even on the list. I would be concerned about RAC too. Having raised a child from newborn it does scare me to think of how much orphanage kids miss out on in those early months and years. That is what would make me want a child as young as possible. However, I follow quite a few international adoption blogs and there are so many happy endings out there, even with older kids. I am a bit frustrated that my DH only wants two kids (he has been very open about that, ever since we met, so I can't begrudge him much for it) so if we have another bio child my adoption dreams may be at an end. I still hold out hope, though, lol. My sister is also going through fostering training soon, which I may do in the future. Would you complete a home study at least, so that you could get started? You could potentially do both at the same time - go through the adoption process while TTC. Depends how you and your husband feel about the possibility of two little ones within a short space of time, though.

    @vitamom, massive congrats! Such lovely news, I am so happy for you.

    I still have virtually no CM, I was expecting to ovulate yesterday-ish so am getting pretty frustrated and annoyed. I know I've had watery and EW CM before so not sure what is up now I am actually TTC. Grrr, body.... Do what I want you to do!

    As a purely nosey question - so feel free not to answer! - How many children do you all plan on having? Our next baby will likely be our last but I would have one more if it was just up to me.
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    @milasmamma my DH and I want two, although sometime I think I want to go for 3 lol but no more than that!
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    Thank you so much everyone!!

    @alzora, this was the third month of actively "trying". So, relatively fast. But DD #2 took 10 months and one chemical pregnancy to conceive. I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder early on in that pregnancy (hashimoto's) and they were surprised I was able to conceive at all. Thankfully, I did and things went smoothly; hopefully this will be a smooth one too!

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    @Rowangreeneyes, apart from my very obvious fertile cervical mucus, I can tell when I am ovulation based on my physical appearance. My stupid leg hair and eyebrows grow noticeably faster during my fertile window, my skin is clearer, and overall...I feel so beautiful when I am ovulating. It is a clear change from the days preceding the fertile window, during which my skin doesn't glow and my eyes/lips don't stand out much. When that fertile window hits, I feel like a superstar immediately upon looking in a mirror in the morning, without makeup and regardless of the state of my hair. I am sure my husband would agree.

    @Poppy, why are you a challenge to intubate? I apologize if you have already discussed this somewhere in this short and easy-to-navigate TTC thread.

    @Vitamom, wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

    @Milasmama, I would love four children (or more!). In reality we will probably not exceed four, for financial reasons and because we are already 25 and 29, and are struggling to conceive even one. My husband said that he would like two or three, but he loves children and he loves me and he denies me nothing, so we shall see. As for your own number of children, perhaps when your first two are a bit older, your husband will have a change of heart. I definitely want to adopt at least one child (but I know a LOT of people say that and never do), and I fluctuate between wanting to adopt our first or wanting to have a biological child first. Right now, as I said, the pendulum is swinging toward adoption because conceiving feels like a pipe dream. I would be open to any number of emotional/behavioral issues in adopted children caused by time spent in an institution, but Reactive Attachment Disorder, from what I understand, is a permanent and violent disorder that no amount of therapy can reverse, and that's where I draw the line. I've known two children with RAD; the first threatened to kill his siblings so his adoptive mom had to sleep in the hallway at night to block their bedroom doors (he eventually died of drug overdose in his teenage years), and the second (a first grader!) pulled a knife on his foster mom and thus was not adopted by her. I've heard stories of RAD teens trying to wreck their adoptive parents' marriages by pitting the husband and wife against each other and lying to each about the other. It's pretty intense, and while I don't believe that anything is hopeless, RAD comes awfully close. Children can develop RAD almost immediately after birth if their basic needs aren't met, and if I understand correctly, once it's there, it's there for life, so even a toddler or infant could come with these lifelong problems that stem from early neglect. I don't think we'll be doing a homestudy yet, because I believe they cost money and are only valid for one year. I could be wrong about that. As for starting the adoption process while continuing to TTC, well...I don't think we would go that route. I think we would have to choose one or the other, because an adopted child will need 100% of my time and energy for a while, with therapy, learning English, probably homeschooling/catching up academically (if we get a child 4-6), and overcoming the host of problems that accompany neglect, trauma, and such a major change for a child. It's an overwhelming thought, but if my husband were on board with it, I think I'd be starting the process posthaste. I've about had it with TTC. :/

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    @milasmama - it's hard to say how many children I want when it's taking so long to even conceive one. I'm almost 30 so realistically if we do finally get pregnant, 2 or 3 would be great. However, if I had all the time in the world and no fertility issues, 4 would be a good number. My husband always said he wanted 4 kids, and I thought it'd be a nice number for us. We will see what we're blessed with.

    @alzora - I too have been slightly obsessed with international adoption for many years. I'm actually from an Eastern European country and would love to adopt a child from my homeland. Right now though, I'm still strictly all about trying to conceive myself. But if in a year nothing has happened, I think I would be very excited to go that route. Don't know how we'd ever afford it though ha! Also, if we do have our own kids and we're like 40-45, I'd also like to get into adopting another one.

    I never know when I'm ovulating. Probably because I'm not regularly, but even when I'd get a positive on the OPK, I still wouldn't feel different.
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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