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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hello all. I posted several months back but faded off for a bit after a disappointing month. I had, what I presume was a chemical pregnancy a couple months ago (very faint positives for three days, line never darkened and then period arrived with a vengeance). We took a month off in between but this morning I got a BFP!! It's not faint, it's quite obvious and I'm still 2 days before missing my period! We are happy and optimistic (cautiously).

    I've read a few of the posts here and there and wish everyone lots and lots of baby dust!! You'll find me on the baby name boards (well you could find me there before but now it's with a purpose!!). I hope each of you gets your BFP ASAP!

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    @vitamom - Congratulations! That's amazing news! So happy for you! Good luck over the next few weeks, I hope everything goes smoothly for you You should join the expectant mothers thread (Babies Due January-March 2014)!

    I'm currently 9DPO and not-so-patiently waiting. AF is due on Saturday, so we'll see what happens...
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    Thanks all for your welcoming posts! Good luck to everyone testing soon. I'm meant to get my period in a few days and I feel somewhat optimistic but I don't know why. I haven't had any symptoms or anything but I just feel like June is a good month. Ideally, I'd like to get pregnant later on, like September or August so the baby would come at the end of the next school year because I teach an afterschool program and if I had the baby in May or June It would just work out better, you know? But if it happened now we wouldn't mind either so I'm kindof excited and hoping it happens this summer. Fingers crossed for all of you girls as well!!
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    Vitamom3- Congratulations and best wishes! I'm very happy for you and your family! Keep us posted on your name selections please!

    Alzora- I've been busy, and just had my first chance to catch up on this thread. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing life's journey with us. I know you will be a (great) mother one day. My dad always said (a little fatherly wisdom on Father's Day for everyone!) life is all about luck and perseverance: it is nice if you can be lucky, but if you aren't, persevere until your luck changes. I know your day is coming...I just wish I knew when. In the meantime, I think international adoption is a wonderful and interesting distraction, one that could turn into something lovely and permanent down the line. (I started researching it myself when we didn't get pregnant right away with our first.) Chin up.

    Everyone who was sweet enough to post about my job dilemma- (sorry, I haven't memorized names yet) No new news to report. I've fretted and worried all weekend long about what I should do (if I actually get the job I interviewed for!), and I still don't have an answer. Of course, the most likely scenario, is the following: I won't get the new job and I won't get pregnant this month and I will have stressed myself out for nothing. It would be hard to stop TTC, especially b/c of my age (just turned 34), but I wouldn't have to stop for very long. I would just need to make sure the earliest we would deliver would be in May (the last month of school.) We are still going to try this month, unless I get a phone call sometime between now and Wednesday. I'm not going to risk a whole month on a 'maybe' job. I'm excited to try again! I got to visit my nephew this weekend who is 7 weeks old and I have total baby fever now!

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    @Whitegold, I'm glad things are finally moving for you!

    @Sarah and Taliface, thank you for embracing my adoption rants. I'm eagerly following both of your two-week waits!

    Congratulations, @Vitamom! So how many months did you try for? I'm so happy for you!

    @Beatrixdaisy, love your optimism. Hope your gut feeling is correct!

    @Frances, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement. I wish you luck in your job/TTC situation. Keep us posted on both!
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