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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi whitegold, yep same here different (more watery red) AF after BC but I only had the long cycle + heavy cramping + painful nipplles the first cycle. I was actually not that unhappy when my first spontaneous (not BC induced) AF finally showed, it felt my body had reset itself and was ready to TTC, and the second cycle was indeed "normal" (29 days, OPK+ and light cramping). It didn't really worry me real AF is different from BC AF, it sounds like your body is responding very similar to mine which would mean you would get a OPK+ in 14/15 days time to get those wondfo thingies out! (They're not for sale in Europe) I would however be very unhappy if your and/or my AF shows up next month, fingers crossed!

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    @khaatje thank you!! So nice knowing someone else who has had a similar situation! I sure hope neither of our AFs show up next month too!!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    @Milasmama, I've had an interest in adopting from Eastern Europe ever since I was little, when a missionary came to our church and told us sob stories of orphans in Albania. Bethany Christian Services has adoption programs in 12 different countries, and Albania happens to be one of them. According to Albanian law, adoptive parents have to either be of Albanian heritage or adopt a child with special needs. Since the term "special needs" encompasses even mild and correctable needs, I would be open to that. There are a few other Eastern European countries that you can adopt from that have fewer requirements. I've also gone through periods of daydreaming about adopting from Central America, because I think the Spanish language barrier would be easier to work with, as my husband minored in Spanish and I tutored Spanish for a few years at Penn State. (We are not fluent.) (But I answer him in Spanish often around the house. ) I lost interest in adoptions from Asia when I learned as a teen that many of their countries required adoptive parents to be at least 30 years old, and that felt like forever away. I would be willing to adopt a toddler--in fact, I would possibly prefer a toddler to an infant. I would be willing to go as high as 5 or 6. But my husband works as a therapist with troubled school-age kids, and to go any higher age-wise would likely create a work-like environment at home for him, and I worry about it feeling more like a client than a child to him. I would also be willing to adopt a child of either gender. I'm not worried about developmental delays provided they can be overcome with love, attention, and therapy, but my bigger fear is Reactive Attachment Disorder.

    I could talk about adoption all day long...right now I could talk about it longer than TTC which still has me depressed...but I suppose I will stop clogging up the TTC thread with my adoption ideas.

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    @whitegold - First AF after BC is often different (longer, more painful). Don't worry, you'll get back to normal very quickly! Good luck for next month to you and khaatje, too!

    @alzora - Talk about adoption all you want! Trying to adopt is very similar to trying to conceive - it's all about that beautiful child!
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    Hi all! I've been reading all along, but only made a few posts.

    @alorza: I agree that adopting and ttc have some significant overlap. I've enjoyed the adoption musings today.

    I convinced my partner that even though we're 'officially' waiting to ttc until August, there was no point in using contraception anymore (condoms only--been off BC for years). We did the BD last night, and I should have ovulated today! So i'm officially/unofficially in my first tww. I'm trying to not be excited but I can't help it!

    Also, it was my first time not using a condom--afterwards was really weird! I think I like having the 'mess' all contained, lol!
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