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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    thanks for the support on the whole "i want to be happy for everyone announcing their pregnancies but i can't" thing! reading your responses truly made me feel better about it all.
    @sarahmezz - i love your attitude about this just making us more understanding and sensitive to the delicate struggle of getting pregnant that many women go through.
    all this being said, its interesting that i am purely thrilled by anyone on this thread announcing a bfp!
    @december - i'm also torn by how strict to be with my ttc eating/drinking. last month i was very strict. stopped drinking altogether as soon as my period was over. eating super healthy, very little coffee etc. a few of my pregnant friends or friends with kids that i had told i was ttc were like: why the heck are you being so strict when you aren't even pregnant yet? enjoy it while you can! i am a bit torn. i have heard over and over how it was the month, or week that someone let loose, relaxed and abandoned their strict ttc protocol that they actually conceived! after doing some research and talking to people i do think that its ok to have a few drinks up until the general time that implantation may be taking place.
    sending positive thoughts to all!

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    Personally I wouldn't be too strict about the odd glass of wine here and there while TTC. Given Mila was a surprise I had several glasses of wine in the month before I found out including a couple of nights out where I had a few. I wouldn't advocate drinking *that* much, but I agree with your friends that before you get pregnant is really your last chance to indulge! In general I think a lot of the pregnancy food guidelines are overkill. E.g., they say "no soft cheese" because of the very small risk from unpasteurised cheeses - but anyone who buys their cheese from a supermarket will most likely be eating pasteurised cheese anyway.

    Having said all that I have stopped drinking completely at the moment - but mostly because I want to lose a few lbs before I get pregnant again. I have a healthy BMI but I'm 4lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight with Mila. It would be nice not to have this head-start on the pregnancy weight gain front.
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    @december and loveday - I have a few drinks between AF and ovulation, then lay off the alcohol during my TWW, just in case. However, I wouldn't go on a bender or anything! Regarding food, I'm staying away from dodgy pregnancy foods like deli meats, soft cheeses and sushi, even though they're probably pretty harmless (again, only during TWW).

    @milasmama - LOVE the name Sylvia Delphine!
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    Has anyone ever opened up a pregnancy test before? I was curious so I opened mine (equate brand with blue dye) and I noticed behind the test strip there are two raised sections in the shape of lines to make the control line and the negative line but nothing to make a positive (vertical + line) is this normal or does it form a line on its own somehow?
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    Haha whitegold, I didn't think of that yet! But since I just calculated my EDD would be March 15 if I concieve this month, so it could have been me
    I'm sure your test works just fine, the test line has some chemicals in it which react to hcg. If you doubt it's working try a test of another brand in a couple of days, but most likely the test was right and your cycle is just a bit longer because of the BC pills

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