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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @milasmama I am definitely going to test again! Nipples haven't ceased hurting! Although the rest of my boobs are fine lol as for you Q, definitely try to wait at least 30mins before a bathroom break! I'm like you, I HAVE to freshen up before bed lol
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    Thanks for the tips ladies!
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    Just a quick update from me: Got my Wondfo kit and Taking Charge of Your Fertility last night in the mail! TCOYF is fascinating. I need to get a thermometer still and figure out how I want to chart, but I think I will follow at least some of it. I'm so curious to start figuring out how my body works better. On that note, I have finished taking the bc pill. We won't TTC yet but it's good to know that I can start getting my body back to normal.

    Good luck to you all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caseymay View Post
    I have a question for anyone who uses (or has used) the Clear Blue Easy digital OPK. This is my second month using this brand of OPK and I like it because it is digital and very easy to read (instead of me having to decide if one line is darker than the other - I just get a big old "O, blinking happy face or steady happy face"). Anyway, the kit claims to tell you your 4 most fertile days, indicating this with two days of the blinking happy face (high fertility), followed by the steady happy face (peak fertility).

    The thing is, last month I got the blinking happy face for 7 DAYS before my first steady happy face (CDs 10-16) and then a steady happy face on CD 17. This month, I've already gotten the blinking happy face for two days (CDs 10 and 11) and - according to previous months - I won't ovulate until day 17 or 18. This seems strange to me. Does anybody have an opinion on why I would be getting so many blinking happy face days? The blinking happy face is supposed to indicate a "fertile day" so we've been TTC every other day just in case. But I can't help but think this is a little strange - and that coupled with the fact that I don't ovulate until CD 17 or 18 - makes me think something might be wrong. I have no clue though - I might just be paranoid. Can anyone shed any light on this situation?
    @Caseymay, This happened to me as well. I was on Clomid though so I don't know how normal my situation would be for you. I will say, though, that I got pregnant at the END of this 10 day hormonal "surge"...I think my body just kept trying to "lay an egg" as I like to call it. I, personally, would keep having sex til 1-2 days after you don't see smileys, but that is just me and my paranoid brain! Every other time that I had a long surge period I stopped having a lot of sex too early so just be aware that if you have more than 1-3 days of smileys then you may not have ovulated yet!

    Good luck!
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    Hi all just wanted to touch base and say hello and thanks for those who answered my dairy question
    I'm such a paranoid about my diet while TTC - more so at the moment as I'm travelling and am often eating out and probably already having a bit too much wine. One part of me thinks its unlikely for me to conceive this month anyway as its my first month off BC so shouldn't be concerned about the odd glass of wine, but on the other-hand, what if I do get pregnant this month? I'm seriously paranoid! I'm expecting AF in about a week and half... Anyway, fingers crossed for you all especially those in their TWW!
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