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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Ooh, I love Nella Vienna! We had Vienne & Vianne on our list of middle names when I was pregnant last time
    Totally get what you mean about needing to use names. I felt for a long time that I *needed* another girl to call Delphine Blythe. Then DH popped my bubble on Delphine... And we just talked about it recently and he reconfirmed that his feelings haven't changed. But there are lots of other names I love... And not picking one name means you can have fun picking out something else I really think I need triplets though to use up some of my great ideas! Lol.
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    @alzora don't worry about not knowing about the cervix movement. I just learned it during my TTC research! I still have yet to "find" it when checking but I do get a heavy/low vagina feeling close to and during my period. It's like it wants to drop to the floor lol I heard this is because of the cervix being low (which can also cause uncomfortable feelings during intercourse)

    I love Nella! Not sure about it with Vienna though. I totally understand what you're saying! There are so many girls names I adore that it's almost hard having Eleanor picked out because I won't be able to explore the other options. I still have the middle spot to work on but it's not the same..
    If I decided to ditch Eleanor I would go with Wilhelmina. I hope I get to use both of them someday! As for the boys name, we have first and middle picked out.. So if I get pregnant with a boy there will be no name discussions. Kind of makes me sad!
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    OK, this is what I hate about being in the TWW (do you like that abbreviation Alzora?? I'm learning ). It is almost freakin' impossible to tell if you are pregnant or if you are about to start your period. When I was pregnant with my son I didn't get a positive pregnancy test until almost 5 days after my late period!! BTW, even though is says it doesn't matter when you take the test, it totally does!! You should take it first thing in the morning, when you have a really concentrated urine sample. I also had terrible cramping when I was pregnant, and it felt just like bad menstrual cramps , & my mom told me that's normal (and she had four, so I figure she would know.) I still think this is more like my period than a pregnancy, but I've already gone through 3 pregnancy tests, even though I know with my history it is WAY TOO early. I think it is the not knowing that is so awful. Like, if I just knew I wasn't, then fine, I'll deal, it is the hopefulness that is so deflating.

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    PS- just ate 12 Hershey Kisses, so I'm leaning more towards period this month.

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    @violetink I think I'll use this month to lose 10 lbs.... I might as well make some good of it. Also, I took a nap today and blamed it on PMS. So, that was nice
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