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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jcannoy, YES! I completely understand not wanting to be pregnant in the heat. We live in the south and the summer's here are brutal. I tend to be a hot-natured person normally, so forget it in the summer time! (DH and I are always fighting for control of the thermostat. ) Anyway, it shouldn't get too bad here until June, so by my calculations I have at least 2, maybe 3 more chances to avoid being 9 months pregnant in the heat of summer. Good luck to us both!

    Sarahmezz, my BiL and SiL just moved to Australia for two years through a military assignment. We are so sad that we can't afford the plane tickets to go and visit them. Right now they are taking a break in Hawaii, before moving over in June. Just had to share. Australia is one of those places I would love to visit. (Of course, we are also hoping we will have another reason not to fly anytime soon, but who knows when that will happen??)

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    @butterflykisses LOL! I understand I tend to make light of things that bum me out. If I can laugh, then it can't get me down!

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    @Frances, your story about your sister-in-law encouraged me too. Thanks for sharing.

    @J_cannoy, being pregnant in the heat of summer wouldn't really bother me, but I've thought about how tough it would be to tend to a newborn who is hot, sweaty, and cranky. Don't get me wrong, I'd tend to a newborn any day, but I watched my little sister swaddle her baby in blankets to pacify her in the winter, and that wouldn't be an option for a summer infant!

    @Casilayne, I'm sorry to hear your bad news.

    @Caseymay, you're definitely not the only one who goes crazy each month. I'm at the point where I'm analyzing symptoms because I'm 8 DPO...and it's not looking good for me this month.

    @Sarah, I'll never get used to the idea that Australian and American seasons are opposite each other. If it's too hot in March to be nine months pregnant in Australia, just jaunt on over to Pennsylvania. You'll be begging for summer again!

    Is it too early to say that I can feel my period coming? (8 DPO, period expected next Wednesday or Thursday.) I really don't understand the female hormone cycle, so this confuses me: I got a zit the other day, my libido has risen, my legs feel tense like they always get before my period, and I just feel like my period is getting ready in there (I don't know if you'd call it bloated or crampy or tense or figment of my imagination). Implantation occurs around 7-12 DPO, and I am only 8 DPO, so does the fact that I'm having these typical PMS symptoms mean that my window for implantation is closed for this cycle and my body is moving on toward menstruation? Or could these symptoms be happening prior to implantation? I hurt my brain thinking about this.

    I've been feeling pretty hopeless about the whole thing though, for a few weeks now. I mean we'll keep trying through the summer, but I really think we need a freaking semen analysis and HSG, which we can't get until September, and I feel like any attempts before that are futile because I think something is wrong. We KNOW his testosterone is low, so that right there is our first red flag. My accident injuries are another. These blind attempts each month are maddening.

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    casilayne- That. Was. Hilarious! I seriously snickered over my morning tea! I’m sorry that the witch showed up though. Hopefully next month is your month

    j_cannoy & sarahmezz- I totally agree on being pregnant in the summer! The humidity is so bad here that you can barely breathe when you walk outside! My poor SIL is due in late August and she’s already feeling the misery of summer. Hopefully we can all bypass that, although at this point I’d live in the Sahara Desert if it meant that I could have a baby.

    frances- Thank you for sharing your story! It’s always encouraging to hear stories with happy endings on this thread!

    alzora- You got billed for a question? Good grief! That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard! What, are we supposed to stay blissfully ignorant about our health and be okay with it? I don’t think so. When I went to my appointment in March I told my doctor that we were TTC and she gave me a whole bunch of information to help us along! She even said “hope we see you back soon!” Maybe it’s just the difference in states... Either way it’s a load of garbage! As for analyzing symptoms, you’re preaching to the choir. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I do the same thing and confuse myself to the point of lying on the couch and gorging myself on junk food. Hopefully it’s a good sign though, right? I mean pregnancy and PMS symptoms are supposedly similar. Good luck!
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    @Khaatje no it was regular vitamin A, not the beta carotene variety unfortunately

    @Caseymay, hello! You probably know more about everyone here than I do if you've been reading the thread My husband and I also married fairly recently - in January - but we also have a three year old daughter. She was our flower girl! I am no expert at TTC but I have heard the average time of TTC is 6 months, which naturally means there will be some people who take longer and some less time. I am a pretty impatient person though so I'm with you when you say a year is a long time to wait before you get any help.

    @alzora that is frustrating with the insurance. I find it very hard to get my head around the US healthcare system, it seems so heartless! In NZ nearly all medical care is free, including maternity care/giving birth etc. There are no restrictions on which healthcare providers you can use (unless you want to go private) or what medical treatment you have to have, either. Does it make a difference when the baby is conceived re: what maternity care you are entitled to?

    @j-cannoy, I can sympathise with not wanting to be pregnant in the summer. I don't really get a choice - where I live it is hot year round! The bonus with summer pregnancies is that you can wear cute dresses. Often a lot prettier and less maternity-esque than winter maternity jeans.

    @sarahmezz - that's a pretty good reason to want a girl. I can't imagine having to have that discussion - would be very hard for me.

    I can't find anywhere that will ship preg tests or prenatal pills at a reasonable price to me in the Maldives. Luckily my friend in the UK is happy for me to get things shipped to her and then forward them to me - a pain but much more economical.

    On the topic of names, DH says he likes Elodie Isis. I am crushing on this combo so much that it's making me want another girl! Probably tomorrow I'll find the perfect boy combo and change my mind
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