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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Milasmama - My pooch is a small, gentle, extremely sweet pup. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Like I mentioned before, he's been around chilldren/babies quite a bit and is really good with them. I'm not worried about the safety of our future kids in the least, but I would feel a little guilty if my pup feels left out one day. He's been my constant companion during this loooong TTC journey. But I feel feel like I'm jinxing myself talking about how my dog will feel, when I'm not even pregnant yet.... :/
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    This article was really interesting so I thought I'd share: Why Finnish Babies Moslty Sleep In Cardboard Boxes. I really liked some of the Finnish names too. That's all for now. xPoppy

    That's really interesting Poppy. I wish the US had something like this in place to help new mothers out. At least the low income mothers that really need it at first. It's also a lovely tradition. I think it'd be cool to have a box like that after all of one's babies.
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Hi Peeps,
    Just wanted to share with someone that hubby and I are ttc and we are in our two week waiting window. I'm not very hopeful because it didn't work the first month last time (we have one son) and I was sick and work was extra stressful the week we were trying. Plus, we are trying for a baby girl, so we did it several days early of ovulation. Anyway, still about to lose my mind waiting and just wanted to vent.

    P.S. Please don't judge me that we are trying for a baby girl. I know we will only have two children, so it would be nice to have one of each, but I'm a big believer in that you get what you need, not what you want philosophy. Happy and healthy is most important. And I would be thrilled to have another little boy on the way. It will be bitter-sweet either way. I think that is always the case when you know it is your last.

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    I've been away from posting for a while, but I've been keeping up with your posts. Hope that the sickies start to feel better soon, and those in their TWW (or EWW) get good news this month!

    Welcome, Frances! No judgment in trying for a girl! I understand what you mean.
    Khaatje, so glad to hear you got your first positive OPK! Wishing you luck over the next few weeks!
    Glad to hear that some of you have some positive plans in place.
    Poppy, thanks for sharing that link! I saw it on Twitter today but didn't read it then. What a great idea.

    As for me, my trip was fun! It did distract me from babies for the first half, but then we spent a week with family including a 2.5 year old girl. She is adorable (made me think - yay kids!) but was a little sick and cranky while we were there (made me think - boo kids!). That was a big reality check - I am so focussed on wanting to be pregnant, I don't think about the toddler years. So I have now been reading about various parenting philosophies and stuff. haha.

    I am now starting my month of appointments. Thursday morning I get my thyroid results, Thursday afternoon I get my ultrasound results. On the 15 I go for bloodwork for a cholesterol test (not TTC related), July 3 is my blood work follow up, July 23 I have a cardiologist appointment (again not TTC related, and I am hoping it is for nothing). And then a still to be scheduled genetics appointment. Sigh. All this and I haven't even started TTC yet. I am definitely planning on going off the bc pill the first week of July (just one month to go!) unless one of these doctors tells me I shouldn't.

    When I was on my trip, we stayed with a cousin who has hypothyroidism (like me), and she said her TSH levels were to be under 2.5 for fertility purposes. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this? I will ask my endocrinologist on Thursday but thought I'd check here while I wait!

    Okay, hope you are all doing well! I will post Thursday evening after the first two appointments.

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    @Milasmama, you can probably get the Up & Up prenatal vitamins online. Also, the bigger reason why I can't start infertility tests is because of insurance. In September I will be on my husband's plan which has better coverage. American health insurance companies are crooked and greedy, and nothing puts me in a foul mood quite like a lively conversation with an insurance representative. If I wait until September, things will go better for me.

    As far as names go, my husband is not often on the same page as me. He likes "normal" names. I like really eccentric names. BUT he denies me nothing and has already said that I can name our baby what I wish. Of course I will choose a name that I know he likes too. He's not in love with Narnia yet; if it doesn't grow on him by the time we have a daughter, I will choose a different name out of love for him, but I suspect he will insist on Narnia anyway out of love for me. He's like that.

    @Sarah, I hope that ice cream is working its magic. Just keep eating it. Throw some hot fudge on it. If it doesn't help the throat, at least it's good for the soul.

    @Butterflykisses, thank you for your tips and support. As for the testosterone shots, I explained to @Sarah on page 122 (post #1219 if you look in the right-hand corner) why I decided not to go that route. (Rather than retype it all, I'll just direct you there. ) In short, I don't trust them, and am not convinced that they are even truly necessary for us. Has AF arrived?

    @Casilayne, I will likely end up homeschooling as well, not because I think it's the best education option, but because I think it's better than any other options available to me. I'm sorry to hear that your period is coming...what a downer.

    @Whitegold, oh man, we're talking about gender preferences...I was going to bring that up but I didn't know if you guys would criticize me for having a preference. I definitely would choose a girlie, given the option (my husband would as well). But each month during the two-week wait, I have stronger nurturing feelings toward the idea of a baby boy inside of me. Go figure! In the end I (and my husband) would be head over heels for either one, as I'm sure you all would be too.

    @Khaatje, welcome back! So happy to hear that things are finally moving for you. Your baby is coming closer and closer.

    @Poppy, I read that article too, a few minutes before you posted it.

    @Nowakasia, my dog is medium-sized and hyper because he is still very young. He is very gentle with my infant niece, but of course I always hover over him when he approaches her anyway. Obviously there will never be a moment when my baby is out of either my sight or my husband's, except when safely sleeping in a nursery behind closed doors. I'm not worried about safety either; I, like you, just get sad when I think about the effect it will have on my puppy's little feelings--he will go from being the "baby" of the house to being the family pet, and that will be a hard blow to him.

    @Frances, welcome to our thread! No judgments here. I just mentioned above that a girl would be my preference too! I think it's okay to have a preference. That doesn't mean that we wouldn't love the opposite gender. Honestly, I bet everybody has a gender preference deep down. How far into the TWW are you? Wishing you luck!

    @Andrea, glad to hear that your trip went well! Wow, you have a crazy ton of appointments coming up. I think it's awesome that you are getting everything checked out before starting TTC. Keep us updated on the appointments and results as much as you are comfortable sharing. Wishing you luck!
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