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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    New Zealand
    @alzora, we're on a resort island - literally all that is here is the resort. So, no hospital. Entire island is about 100m x 300m. We are lucky that we're in the same atoll as the capital island.
    I wouldn't go home for my entire pregnancy. Last time I was pregnant we were living in Malaysia, and we returned to NZ when I was nearly 7 months pregnant. I'd probably do something similar this time, except move back when the baby was 6 weeks old or so (that's when the midwives stop visiting you there).
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    Okay, most of what I have to say is irrelevant to TTC...

    @Whitegold, thank you for the tea tips. I am making a mental note to get one or both of those in the house. Any sign of your period yet? I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I have a tea recommendation for you now...though you know more about teas than I do so you probably don't need my tip. The only tea I always have in the house is peppermint tea for my stomach. It helps with nausea, abdominal pains, intestinal gas, and heartburn, and it just generally relaxes me when I feel anxious. I don't know what it does for diarrhea--could make it worse for all I know--but maybe it could settle your stomach. Hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you, @Casilayne and Seirenrein.

    Name digression: @Casilayne, every time you post, the girl names in your signature catch my attention. I love your spelling of Elaina--much more intuitive in an English-speaking country than Elena. And I adore Jolie, Miranda, Juliana, Ruth, Majorie...I really like your taste. Jessilyn intrigues it a smoosh to honor two people? I've considered doing something similar for a middle name--using Jase for my husband and Lynn which is his mother's first name and my twin's middle name. Jaselynn would not get good feedback on Nameberry I'm sure, but I actually really like the way it sounds--just Jocelyn with a long A.

    @Milasmama, I'm enthralled by this resort island...tell me more. I didn't know you could live at a resort. I thought resorts were hotels with spas and pools--commercial places for temporary stays. How does one live on an island that is only a resort? Do you have a house there? What do kids do for education? How long does it take to get to a hospital in the event of an emergency? How many people live there? Is it lonely and isolating or do you have a nice community? Do you work at the resort? Is it like living in paradise? This fascinates me. And is completely irrelevant to TTC.

    No exciting news here. I am enduring my illness stoically.
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    @Alzora - I feel your pain because I have a very sore throat atm, too! I think it's because I spent a day relief teaching in a primary school class last week and those little ones carry their fair share of germs! I'm soldiering on by drinking lots of hot and sour Thai soup (my secret weapon when fighting colds). Hopefully, I'll start feeling better soon - my TTC window begins around Thursday (not sure exactly when because of my screwed up previous month). Hope you feel better soon, too!
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    @Alzora, name taste chest bump!

    I picked out the spelling for Elaina when I was in college. My mother's middle name is Elaine. At the time, she was battling Cancer. I knew I wanted to honor her. She is the strongest chick I know

    I was supposed to be Miranda. I have pouted that I am Casi and no Miranda for most of my life. Lol

    Jolie is after one of my students. Jessilyn is also after one of my students. But it would also be to honor a beautiful friend of mine who passed away our senior year in high school. Her name was Jessie.

    I like Jacelynn. Jessilyn and Jayne both get gags on nameberry, but they are both the direct spellings of peoples' names I love

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    Pretty sure my period is starting. I was fairly certain we hadn't conceived this past month, but of course I was hoping. Hopefully we and everyone else TTC have better luck this month!!

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