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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I'm actually REALLY excited about pregnancy for the first time in a long while. My husband's gametes have never even met my gametes before! I feel giddy like a first date (; I'm excited about future little poppyseed even if it means big bucks.
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    @poppy528 it is nice that you're excited again. Made me smile with your comment about the gametes
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    @Blade, I understand. That's why I'm going beyond my homeopath. She is wonderful. BUT this is something beyond her expertise. My OB was my primary for the first 4 years in this "journey", but she never really....did anything. I mean. She checked my thyroid a ga-ba-zillion times. She said Clomid and meds of that nature aren't what I need (obviously because of the multiple miscarriages). But she didn't have a definite answer. So, I started pursuing alternative medicinal approaches.

    The way I feel and how I function day-to-day has been like night and day. I feel better than I have in years! And while I haven't been pregnant in the last 7-8 months, I also haven't lost. So, that's big with me. In the last 4-5 years, I would conceive, carry for 5-10 weeks (mostly 6 weeks) and then miscarry. Around 3 months later, I would repeat the cycle.

    There is a fertility specialist that is around 2 1/2 hours from us (We don't have one locally) that I am looking into. I'm checking references etc. He practices at an office fairly close to us (an hour away) once a month.
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    Poppy - thank you for the update! It's nice to see you're excited about this whole baby thing again! I think it's great to have a plan and to be able to look ahead and see things step by step like that. Best of luck to ya!
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    @Milasmama, does your island not have a hospital? Would you move back to NZ for your entire pregnancy?

    @Poppy, it makes me happy to see you so cheerful. Sounds like things are finally falling into place for you!

    I'm about 3 DPO and once again am fighting off some kind of a cold/flu in the two-week wait, just like last month! My husband stayed home from work on Wednesday with a sore throat, congested chest/shallow breathing (his asthma), aches, and fatigue. Within two days he was back to normal, but now I can feel it starting very faintly. I feel like this ruins any chances of implantation this month. I had him pick up a box of green tea that will hopefully help ward it off; I already had a cup of peppermint tea because it was all I had in the house, but I have no idea if that actually could have helped at all. I'm not well-versed in home remedies and the uses of various teas. Also I loaded it up with so much honey and sugar that I think I contracted diabetes by the time I hit the bottom of the mug, whole immune system was like, "Gee, thanks." I am also chugging orange juice and can't get over how vile it is. Bitter, sour, revolting. I'd rather just take the cold, but I don't want a stupid sickness to kill off what we may have potentially conceived. Here's hoping this horrid potion works.

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