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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    casilayne Guest
    I didn't know about the maturation of sperm either. That's really interested.

    I have a preconception appointment with a midwife, and I cannot tell you how excited I am! I'm hoping she can add to the "Let's make a baby team!" I've been going to a reflexologist/homeopath for nearly a year now and have yet to have any luck. I mean, I feel SO much better, but I'm still not ovulating regularly.

    Little things like a new appointment and and a route are really giving me hope

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    hi everyone, thanks for sharing your current experience with sperm, alzora! i worry about that too...though my husband and I both lead really healthy lifestyles in a lot of ways (exercise addicts, healthy eaters) we have certainly enjoyed our alchohol over the years, maybe too much at times (its a bit of an occupational hazard). i'm completely off it now, as we ttc and i must admit its harder than i thought - luckily i've never been too much of an over-drinker, but i sure love a glass of wine or two while making diner, and in certain social situations. a good learning experience i guess, and good for me, i know. i worry about him a bit and alchohol's affect on sperm....another thing to stress about haha.
    sarah: sorry to hear that AF decided to show up, but glad you know one way or the other and can move forward. i am still in limbo. no AF yet. i guess i will have to take some more HPT's if she doesn't show up soon. but what i think is really going on is just that i am still irregular and that is a downer. i missed a bunch of periods last year, thought i was back on track, but missed one again in march while travelling (which apparently is fairly common - to skip ovulation while out of your normal routine). got a period in april a few weeks after we got home and was hoping i would be back to a 28-day cycle...maybe no such luck. one weird thing is that my nipples got extremely sore and tender a few days past ovulation (i often get sore bbs before AF, but never that early on in my cycle and never that sore!) but now the soreness has almost completely gone away (also very unusual - the soreness would normally stay until AF came). i'm taking note of this stuff not so much as possible pregnancy symptoms, but more as indicators that things are out of wack with my cycle. i'm 35, i should note, know. sigh. but trying to remind myself that there's just no use stressing about it, and that i can very likely regain some control soon by calculating my ovulation with wondfo or the like.
    anyways, sorry for rambling and thanks for listening. i guess its not over until AF arrives so i will keep you posted.
    greetings to new people on the thread and sending positive thoughts to everyone.
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    @Blade, thank you. Helpful and informative as always. Like @Whit and the others, I find your explanations of things extremely educational. I think you should write a few Nameberry bonus blogs on these topics for us because they would be extremely beneficial. Speaking of Nameberry bonus blogs...

    ...I am just going to reveal this to you guys. I don't care if you learn my real-life name--my husband thinks it's fine. I wrote a blog for Nameberry that ran a few days ago. Here's the link: Yes, that dated name is me (go easy on dad picked it out). But I don't want to actually type it out in the forums because I don't want my real name and "Alzora" to be Googlable together. I don't want my relatives or friends finding my TTC posts. I know it's unlikely, but guys, you've all learned by now that I'm paranoid and neurotic about certain things.

    Get ready for the thrilling experience that is TTC, @December. Have you stocked up on the TTC supplies that most of us obsessive TTCers use? Pre-Seed, Wondfo ovulation tests, Soft Cups, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, etc.? When did you quit birth control? I hope it happens quickly for you!

    @Casilayne, are you still contemplating Clomid? Let us know how your appointment with the midwife goes!

    @Loveday, are you having any symptoms one way or the other? Are you considering having your husband get a semen analysis done anytime soon if this month ends up being just a no-go? Anxious to hear your outcome this month, and hoping for the best for you! (What kind of musician are you?)

    So I've done some more of my over-analyzing and here's my newest thought. One year ago, on Memorial Day, my husband completely stopped drinking soda 100% and began doing Power 90. So that program is 90 days--3 months. In August he moved on to P90X, which was another 3 months. So by the end of November he had lost about 50 lbs, and he is now onto another workout and still going strong and eating healthy and not touching soda. As I said in an earlier post, his testosterone level last year was much lower than it is now. Let's say his testosterone didn't start going up until late last year, after he had lost all that weight. Then it takes 3 months for the body to produce the healthier sperm that resulted from those changes. So maybe he has only had good-quality sperm since February. (I know, he hasn't had a semen analysis yet so we don't have any idea what his sperm is like now even.) But if you look at it that way, there's a chance that we have only had a decent shot at conception since February, and it's only been 3 months since then. Maybe that has been our I feel crazy for blathering on about this, but it makes me feel in some weird way like maybe we could conceive any day now...I don't know.

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    @Alzora, I have indeed stocked up TTC supplies but as I've only just stopped BC last month I think I'll only begin to use the ovulation tests in a few months when I think my cycle will hopefully have some regularity. We are also going to the UK for a month so am hoping the holiday and less stress will help in TTC..... on another note, Loved your blog on the Cabbage patch dolls - I had a few but cannot remember names at all - but I do remember my mother explaining about where babies come from - not a cabbage patch as I'd thought.... Wish it was that easy
    TTC #1

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    casilayne Guest
    @Alzora, I am still on the fence with Clomid. My biggest concern is that I have had 6 miscarriages. I know that "forcing" my body to ovulate may be hard on my body. It makes me ill just thinking of losing another baby.

    So, here's the plan:

    -keep going to my reflexologist/homeopath/essential oils specialist
    -start with this midwife (as long as I'm a candidate and my insurance checks out with her)
    -make an appointment with a fertility specialist. The one that has had the best reviews from local mamas is in a city about 2 hours away. Apparently he comes to a clinic an hour from me once a month and allows lab work to be done in that city as well.

    I hope with so many specialist working on this (as long as they can get on the same plan), we can conceive.

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