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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveday View Post
    ...i think i instinctively knew that it was too nit-picky for me and would only end up stressing me out about the whole thing....
    This, and my laziness, is why I haven't picked up the book yet. I already stress over so many details of TTC, and although the book sounds fantastic for lots of people, I don't know if it would be fantastic for me personally. I suspect that it would only fuel my obsession and take my stress to a new level. Right now I don't chart anything. I don't take my BBT. From the beginning I have based our timing only on the calendar (which had to stop when I realized how irregular my cycle is) and cervical mucus. Now I go only by cervical mucus, and last month Wondfo confirmed that my judgment of that has been correct. I think about buying the book each cycle, but my husband wants me to relax about the whole thing more, and I want me to relax about the whole thing more, so for now I'm holding out on buying it. But if we continue to have this string of bad luck with conceiving, I may cave and get it. But if I already know when I'm ovulating, will the book even be useful for me?

    We still haven't heard the results from my husband's blood work, but he goes to his doctor tomorrow and I'm assuming the results will be available by then. I mean he had the blood drawn on Monday...good grief.

    @Butterflykisses, good luck! Ovulation is approaching for me too--probably Sunday or Monday. Maybe we'll both get good news in about two weeks.

    How many cycles has everyone here been trying? I've lost track of whether this is our ninth or tenth cycle.

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    Oh alzora I sure hope so! How fun would that be to concieve around the same time! This is my 16 or 17 cycle! Im more than ready conceive already! come on baby dust!!!!!!!

    and about the book, I still got so much info out that book, that i would still reccomend it. It has stuff in there that I wish i knew years and years ago. so I am glad to now have that knowledge to pass onto my daughter (when the time is right of course) or even just help a friend of mine who has no clue. also, it actually gave me more peace understanding my body better. every book has its flaws, none are perfect, but the overall point of the book is to understand our bodies better and to learn how to prevent a pregnancy or to help create one. its only a couple bucks off amazon, worth the money in my opinion!

    thanks for the good luck ladies! I wish the very same for you all!

    sorry about the mis types and sloppyness of this post, my phone is not wanting to correct or to capitalize.....:roll:
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    Good luck Alzora and Butterflykisses, and all the rest!

    I finally got my test results back this morning, and my hCG numbers have jumped to 435!!!
    This nurse, Megan, was so much more reassuring! She said that the numbers are relative, and so long as they are increasing, then everything is great! She actually said Great.

    So, I am relieved to finally be able to enjoy this news for a while. Our first ultrasound in scheduled for June 14th. And I am praying that we have an amazing outcome then. It's my husband's birthday on the 17th, and I just want it to be so happy!!!

    Thank you so much for your support!

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    Yay grecianern!!! I remember being so anxious about that first jump. Are they going to continue to test your beta levels till your ultrasound? They tested mine bi-weekly and then weekly for a while. Mostly because they were worried about another ectopic, I think. I'm so excited for you! I hope your first ultrasound is awesome!!
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    Hello everyone,

    Congratulations to all who have succeeded in TTC and blessings for a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth. Prayers and Baby Dust for everyone else to recieve good news too!

    I've been a long time name lover but new to posts. I'm so blessed with a wonderful daughter Aurelia (3 3/4 yo) and in July we will start trying for #2. I had my 1st miscarriage in January. It has been an up and down 6 months with both my step sister and BF getting pregnant at the same time. Currently I'm trying to make it through both baby showers and births with my sanity and hoping to conceive before my previous due date of 9/2/13. I keep seeing a reference to a book, could some one bring me up to speed (sorry too many posts to read them all.) ALso thank you to everyone for sharing there stories positive or negative it is a great support ;o)
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