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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Test # came back at 222... not quite sure what that means. She said it was low, but I'm still early (4 wks 4 days) and that it wasn't too incredibly low. And the fact that I haven't had any spotting is good.

    Rechecking tomorrow and hoping for a double in numbers.
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    I have fingers crossed for a good report <3

    I emailed a midwife today. With still TTC, I wonder if she'll even get back to me. I just don't know if I'm low-risk enough for a midwife to take me on. I would love a home birth this time around..We shall see.
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    @grecianern - Good luck! It's so lovely when someone who's been trying for a long time gets their BFP. Hoping everything goes smoothly for you.

    @jcannoy - Good luck! Hope you get your BFP first try!

    I'm currently in my second TWW. Period due today, but no signs yet. However, I won't be too disappointed if AF turns up because I had a few drinks over the weekend (at my best friend's 30th birthday, thinking I was unlikely to be pregnant). Not heaps, but a few wines. So I'm feeling a bit guilty I'm usually very regular, so, if AF isn't here by Friday, I think I'll take a test. The waiting game continues...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Welcome to our thread! When do you plan to start TTC? What was your first TTC experience like? Wishing you luck!

    There was no TTC the first time round, lol. I have lost pregnancies in the past though so not sure how easy or difficult it will be this time round... We will see. I have done a lot of work on my health, so I'm hopeful. We'll start officially in September probably but in the meantime I want to start reading up on fertility, pregnancy, birth etc. Hence sticking my nose in here, hope that's ok!

    In some ways I would have liked a smaller gap, but I also think there are advantages to having 4 or so years in between (if it doesn't take us too long...). Only having one in nappies is appealing!

    I'm also totally excited about naming another baby. Mila was around #370 in New Zealand (where I am from) when I was pregnant. Now it's a top 100 name... I still love her name, but you live and you learn.
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    @J_cannoy, the two-week wait will make even the sanest person go batshit crazy. You'll understand what I mean as your wait progresses. Hope yours has a positive ending!

    @Grecianern, what are those numbers about? Are you feeling any symptoms yet? This phase must be so nerve-wracking for you, but everything sounds good so far! I mean I have no idea what the numbers mean, but it sounds like your doctor isn't worried. Wishing you all the best as your pregnancy progresses!

    @Casilayne, a home birth? You are brave!

    @Sarah, are you feeling PMS symptoms? Do you usually feel PMS stuff at this point? If you're not feeling anything one way or the other, that could be kind of hopeful, no?

    @Milasmama, of course you can join our thread before officially starting the TTC game. We have others on here who have not yet started. Anyone can chime in on our thread! I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages. How many have you lost? Were you trying to conceive at the time or were they surprise pregnancies? I hope you get your second baby very soon. Four years is a nice age gap. There is a six-year difference between me and my youngest sister, and we've managed to be pretty close. Don't stress yourself out over that!

    Lol...look at me telling someone not to stress over something. What on earth am I talking about...there's not a single thing under the sun that I don't stress over. "Stress over ALL the things!"

    I am currently awaiting my next ovulation. My husband and I are going to try to be "spontaneous" about the whole thing this month. I think we say that every month, and I'm still not sure what it means. I am paying close attention to every bodily change and will be ready to jump into action the minute my body shows signs of being actively fertile. Spontaneity is not how I roll.

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