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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Just dropping in to say hello. We aren't officially TTC yet but will be in a couple of month's time. It's been a very LONG 3 years sorting out our financial/living situation enough to contemplate another child. Very frustrating when I have been broody since she was born! Looking forward to starting this journey all over again.
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    Welcome to our thread! When do you plan to start TTC? What was your first TTC experience like? Wishing you luck!

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    @grecianern: a million congraulations!

    Incidentally a blighted ovum isn't necessarily caused by chromosomal problems; it can be even more fundamental than that. Basically at conception the embryo splits in half (as soon as there are enough cells); half becomes the placenta/membranes and half eventually becomes the fetus. In a blighted ovum something goes wrong at that first, critical juncture and the part that should become the fetus never develops at all. As you can imagine, whatever it is that goes wrong only occurs *after* conception in that *particular* zygote. It's totally causally independent from any future pregnancy. [And even if it were chromosomal problems-- say, two sperm fertilized the egg instead of just one-- again, that's a completely independent event that has absolutely zero chance of affecting a future conception]. Your chances of another blighted ovum are just as small as they were the first time, or as those for any other woman.
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    Starting my first two week wait. Hopefully I don't drive myself crazy.

    @grecianern Congrats!!

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    Thanks Blade!!!

    I've already called for the blood test results, and am waiting to hear back. the urine test came back positive, which was a relief. I will probably have to go in for more blood work tomorrow. to make sure that everything is doubling as it supposed to.
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