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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Wooo hooo, @Grecianern! So excited for you and your family! Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

    @Sarah, I hope your gut feeling is wrong and you get a pleasant surprise!

    Guys, I just don't think I can wait until mid-summer to resume TTC. After trying so hard for 8 months...or has it been 9?...I don't feel like I can put on the brakes like that after all. The idea of a break sounded so great when I last posted, but then I got really depressed about it for two days. We might just press on. I don't know. Tomorrow my husband goes for his blood work. Not sure how soon we'll hear the results. I don't know if I'm hoping that his testosterone is NOT a problem, or that his testosterone IS the problem.

    Tonight he suggested the name Lydia while we were watching Andy Griffith. I think it's sweet, but also very...normal. Ranked in the #90s. And very Amish. Still, I love when he suggests a name or brings up the topic of a baby in any way. He is getting restless for a child, which I appreciate. It makes me feel I feel like I'm not so alone in the disappointment each month.

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    Lydia is a gorgeous name! Sending lots of baby dust your way!! GL!

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    Yay grecianern! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy! As far as pregnancy after miscarriage goes, lots of women (myself and my mom included) have healthy pregnancies after a miscarriage. Plus, your doctor will probably monitor you more closely this pregnancy to help prevent any problem that's preventable. Talk to your doc about it tomorrow. They can help ease your mind.

    Congrats on ovulating casilayne! That's exciting. I hope you get good news in a couple weeks :-)

    I hope you get results from your husband's test soon alzora! Good or bad, it still gets you that much closer to a diagnosis, and a plan of action. I do really like Lydia btw. I have a friend with an adorable little girl named Lydia.
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    Thanks. I made an appt for 1:30 this afternoon and told them that I also wanted blood work.

    Our miscarriage was a Blighted Ovum, and they told us that it is rare to have more than one of these after having a healthy baby. Because they are caused by the body's ending the progress of the pregnancy due to chromosomal abnormalities, since we've had a healthy pregnancy and baby, then our chromosomes generally work well together.

    I am starting to get excited... but am just waiting for the other shoe to fall all at the same time. Ugh!

    But, I keep thinking that this was meant to be. That so many things were set into motion for this to happen right now, at this time.
    - We're moving this week. We found that our guest bed had been rendered unusable in our storage, so no guest bed. But now that we may need room for a crib, it works out.
    - Before, with the lost pregnancy, I was going to have to miss a trip to Texas to see family and the last wedding of our group of college friends... now, if everything works out, I can fly until the week after the scheduled trip! Which is great because I bought plane tickets 2 weeks ago.
    - And the potential due date is the so very close to my BFF's baby's 1st birthday. that would be special.

    I hate to make plans... but it's helping to keep away the fear. And my sister sent me a quote,
    "Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will."
    I am trying to be positive about this... positivity is good for the body.

    Baby dust all around!!! Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and prayers! I'm going to be greedy and take them all!
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    @alzora, I really like the name Lydia! I think it's beautiful. And you can always use Liddy as a nn, which is adorable. Good luck on your husband's testing. I don't know what outcome you should be hoping for either...but...good luck.

    I was supposed to start my period on Saturday, but so far I have just been spotting. I've never had that happen before, so I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it was negative. Ugh. I have no idea what to do now...still no real period, just light spotting. Should I wait and test again? Do I rule out pregnancy this month? It's really driving me crazy that there's this slight chance I'm pregnant, but probably not. Anyone had experience with spotting?
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