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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora I totally agree with whit. Your husband is a rare kind, but he also needs confidence in himself that he is not like the other men in his family. Perversion is a heart issue, and it sounds like to me his heart is in the right place. God gave us "sex drives" so we can thoroughly enjoy our spouses. There is no need to be afraid of it. I understand him having a family history of it and why it would make him nervous, but he is not one of those nasty men. He sounds like an extraordinary man and that will not change with a testosterone boost if he even needs it. =)

    I hope things get figured out soon with your other testing. I absolutely hate testing, esp how expensive they all are...grrrrr
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    Well, I'm late. It's Day 29, and i have never been more than 28 days since June 22, 1991. In fact, after I went off birth control, I was back down to regular 26 day cycles.

    But I'm too afraid to take a test. Since this is the 2nd cycle after the miscarriage, I wonder if I'm just late, if things are still regulating themselves out. I'm so afraid to hope this soon. Not to mention, deathly afraid of a positive test and all that could mean.

    So, I am analyzing every twinge and potential cramp heralding AF's arrival. My husband is on top of things too... he knows that I'm late. And I can see the hope and excitement in his eyes. I'm going to give it a few days.

    I just had to tell someone.

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    Good luck grecianern! Praying it's good news!
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    @Whit and butterflykisses, you are so sweet and encouraging! And you are right--my husband shouldn't worry about a normal testosterone level. Thank you for sharing your insights and perspectives. I agree wholeheartedly with you both. I think that my husband will agree too that NORMAL levels of things are to be desired, not feared. He's not afraid of cheating on me because that would simply never happen, but I think he's afraid of instinctively becoming like those men who look at women and just see pieces of meat...but that's so not him. I think he worries that it's somehow in his blood, but he was raised by an outstanding mother, and that, coupled with his faith, has turned him into a man quite unlike the other males in his family. His doctor did warn that testosterone supplements could make him grumpy and harsh, and that worries him too, but I don't think normal levels of testosterone would do that to him; he is, by nature, quite gentle (lol...he would die if he heard that, because he is also a black belt and restrains troubled teenagers every single day...gentle, but not a pansy).

    @Grecianern, ahhhh!!! I'm feeling very optimistic for you. It sounds like your fears are weighing heavily on you in the midst of this hope, and I think that's to be expected after your recent tragic disappointment. I can't relate to that firsthand, but you have my support and are in my thoughts, and I'm hopeful that these next few days will signal the beginning of a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    I woke up feeling restless with my own TTC prospects. I feel like it's on hold for two to three months, and my husband hasn't even had the blood work yet. I'm impatient, but at the same time I'm mulling over the idea of literally postponing TTC for about two months. I mean, if his testosterone levels are low, does that increase our chances of an unhealthy conception from abnormal sperm? Also, it would give us a chance to take full advantage of our (hopefully) last few months of the honeymoon phase without the TTC process overshadowing everything. This past cycle, my period came about a day later than I expected it, and I began to panic on Monday morning. I was lying in bed praying for my period to come and telling God that I'm not actually ready to be pregnant just yet and that I need more time with just my husband. This feeling has come over me a few times in the past several months, and I've been shrugging it off as anxiety that will pass, but maybe I should heed my gut instinct and take a few months to just revel in being with my husband without TTC. Maybe if he goes on testosterone supplements I should soak in two months of JUST me and him, and revel in it, and then when his sperm is in a healthier state mid-summer we can begin anew and perhaps I will feel like it is finally truly time to take that step. I mean I want a baby more than anything, but I've had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I haven't fully enjoyed this fleeting phase of my life. I say all this, but my fertile days are approaching in about one week and I don't know if I will have the fortitude to resist TTC. You know how it goes. Can I hold off until the July cycle? That's asking a lot of myself. I know that my husband would support either decision.

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    Just got off birth control and TTC! Not aggressively trying, but will let it happen naturally!

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