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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    About to finish my first non birth control period. It was a doozy. Worst cramps I've ever had. Should be ovulating Sunday. I'm hoping my husband's job isn't too stressful this week because it negatively affect his libido and I'd hate to stress him out more with TTC.

    Hope everything is going better for everyone and congrats to those with good news!!

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    Congrats Blade!!!
    Wow. Just amazing.

    I am in the last 3 days of my 2WW... and I'm not having any symptoms of anything except hungry all the time, and tired. so no more than usual.
    My basil body temp is a little elevated... but I don't feel that's reliable.

    We're moving. So everything has been crazy. It's only a 3 mile move, but still. It's a big pain. But it will move us into the school district that we want.
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    Thanks. I am calling him/her Baby Barnacle for now.
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    Hiya, kids!

    I haven't been around because 9/10ths of the time I access NB on my iPhone, and the new design has not been cooperating. So I'm a bit out of the loop, tho I did have to go back and see why everyone was congratulating Blade. I hereby join my cries of "huzzah" with the masses: congrats, Blade! That's extremely freakin' cool! And I like your new signature rhyme, too!

    I hope you are all well and good.

    In my uterus news, I just not 20 minutes ago learned that I ovulated again. Hurray!

    My temps have been higher throughout this cycle, so my thermal shift was not as dramatic. I didn't have many of the symptoms, altho I did experience a little of the cramping/diarrhea and ovary pain, it wasn't near as powerful.

    I ovulated a day later in this cycle, CD 19. So when I woke on CD19 and saw I didn't ovulate on CD 18 like before, I entered a brief but intense clinical depression that involved me getting mascara all over my husband's shirt as I descended into the pit of penultimate darkness and dwelt there, sobbing, for about a day.

    The cool part is, just as I was feeling like God had abandoned me and my lady plumbing, I looked up and saw a double rainbow in the sky, big as you please. And tho it's probably cheezy/corny, I felt like that was a sign that everything is going to be okay. Either that, or gay twins. (Fun!)

    Anywho. I called the same dumb nurse I talked to last cycle and asked if I needed to come in for a CD 21 progesterone check like last month. After a brief but fun-filled attempt to get her to understand my sentences, she told me yes. We hung up. She called back and told me no, I didn't need to come in since I came in last month. (She is not good with words, apparently.) I asked her if I could come in anyway just to reassure myself. She said yes.

    So I went in, submitted to the vampires, and heard back right at 5:00: not only did I ovulate, I apparently ovulated pretty hard. My level last cycle, at 4 DPO, was 15.67 or thereabouts. This cycle, at 3 DPO, it was 17.02. The dumb nurse said it was "fabulous."

    So I jumped up and down a lot and got magenta lipstick all over my husband's face. (He's used to being festooned with my cosmetics.) I seriously feel like throwing a party. Because an egg came out of my ovary. I know.

    I'm going to Dallas for a visit tomorrow, and taking some FRERs with me since I don't know how long I'll be there. Hanging out with my family and friends will distract me from the 2WW... somewhat.

    If this isn't my month, it's cup sex for the husband. He is over 40, and that can affect male fertility.

    In other news, I'm on day 13 of Power 90 and kicking a lot of ass. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I am working hard and watching what I eat for the most part, so I'm confident if I keep going I'll start to see results. I certainly have more energy and am DEFINITELY getting stronger and building muscle. I can see and feel it.

    Best wishes to all of you!
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    @MrsH - Yay for you! That's awesome news! You and your husband are on the right track and will have those gay twins before you know it, lol. I'm going away in my TWW, too, back to Melbourne (my home town) for my best friend's 30th birthday party. Should be a good distraction; unfortunately I can't drink any champagne!
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