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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh no Alzora! That is terrible. I hope that a solution can be found. xo

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    Alzora, don't despair my dear. I would first call your insurance and ask them if they can conference call with TIB or speak with her directly. I've had several conference calls with hospital billers/ins, my ins/HR reps, etc. Usually when Lackey A says they've done everything, I ask to speak with their manager. That's when I get results. I think you never did call TIB's office manager, right? You can be very very polite about it while never actually having to speaking to her directly. You have to stick up for yourself and never accept defeat. You can do it! I know you can, but you absolutely have to be your own best advocate.

    I liked the idea of a before-baby bucket list so here's mine with some of hubby's too:
    - World Cup 2014 (olá Brasil)
    - Dye my hair blonde
    - Have hardwood floors refinished
    - Buy the impractically small Fiat

    I'm gonna be broke.
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    Alzora (and everybody feeling discouraged)...hang in there! Hoping for another huge round of berry BFPs soon.

    In the meantime, I love blade's bucket list idea. Last fall I convinced DH that a wine tour was a prerequisite for TTC. So I'd say do a crazy amazing wine tour, go boating in case you're too nauseous for that soon, lots of day trips/road trips where you don't know exactly where you're going and when you'll be back, and eat the most delicious and gigantic sushi boat you can find.
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    Thanks for the tips and support. Ugh...I have been on the phone all day with insurance and various clinics and medical departments. I called Theresa-in-Billing's office back, and this time I spoke with TIB'S co-worker Patty-in-Billing (PIB). PIB is just as stubborn as TIB. She is unwilling to use the magical 614.6 code, because she says she can only use that code if I am diagnosed with pelvic adhesions. I was like, "But this test is done to determine that." She's like, "Yes, but that code can only be used if you've already been diagnosed with the adhesions. If you are having the HSG test done because you are having trouble conceiving, I can only use the infertility code." So TIB and PIB are unwilling to work with me.

    I have a call in to my OBGYN who will probably not be in a huge rush to call me back on a non-urgent matter.

    As I'm typing this, I'm sitting at my family's dining room table watching my mom play with her two-month-old granddaughter on the floor, and listening to my little sister talk about how cute her baby is, and everything hurts.

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    Alzora, I want to give you lots of hugs. I've read this thread since the beginning (trying not to post as I don't see that as productive) but I've got to say you are a wonderfully strong young lady and I do so wish you'll get your baby soon. I'm not going to try to understand your pain, but my heart breaks for you, I literally tear up reading some of your posts. I can't imagine a child that would be loved more than your future one.
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