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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    My husband and I are ttc baby#3. We haven't used any birth control since having our last child in March 2012. I still haven't had my period return yet. (still nursing but only 1-3 times a day) So we are watching for ovulation and hoping to get pregnant soon. It took 3 years to get pregnant with baby#1 and 2 months to get pregnant with baby#2. Not sure where things really stand fertility wise, I know my body would rather not have a period, very irregular or with nursing non-existent. Only time will tell I suppose. Good luck to everyone else out there trying!
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    @Violetink, that sounds miserable! I hope that clears up quickly.

    @Butterflykisses, I'm sorry this month didn't work out for you. :/ But I really think you'll find that the Wandfo strips take some of the stress out of TTC.

    @Sarah, are you having any of the other signs of ovulation? I still think you will get a positive any day now.

    @Sara (is your name Sara B or Sarab?), welcome to the thread! I hope your #3 comes quickly.

    Today I am either 8 or 9 DPO, and I can't tell if I'm beginning to feel my usual PMS progression or if it's just in my head. It will become clearer in a day or two. My first telltale PMS symptom is usually achy knees, and I'm lying here trying to determine if that is beginning. On a good note, I feel 100% better and seem to have conquered the Black Death or malaria or whatever the heck that was. Who just survived a second near-death experience? This little drama queen.

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    I haven't had much to post lately, but I have been following the thread and thinking of you all, as always. Hoping you are doing well and that we get some good news in the next few weeks!

    Welcome sarab.cook and any other newbies I've missed!

    violetink, hope you feel better soon!! And Alzora, glad to hear you got over the plague so quickly!

    I downloaded Pink Pad on my Android tablet a few weeks ago and will start using it once I go off the pill, whenever that is. It seems to be kind of cool!

    My one little update: I had my pelvic ultrasound on Monday. It was more than a bit uncomfortable, but done. I need to set up a follow up appointment with my doctor, which will likely be the first week of June after my overseas adventure. (We leave a week today!) Hopefully everything is normal.

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    @alzora - Well, I'm not too sure. I never took any notice of ovulation symptoms notice until we started trying last month. I think I get the "ovulation pain", but I'm not sure about cervical mucus. I don't seem to produce much mucus at the best of times, so I can't really tell the difference between different types of mucus. I guess my concern is that maybe my fertility hasn't returned yet after going off the pill, even though I've been off the pill for five months now. Either way, it's only cycle two of trying, so I'll try not to panic and won't make a doctors appointment or anything unless we've been trying for more than six months with no luck.
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    @Sarah, are you using Pre-seed? If you aren't producing much mucus, that may be a huge help to you. It is available in Australia: link.

    @Andrea, eager to hear what the ultrasound showed, and hoping it's all good. Hope you have a great trip!

    I think I feel my cramps starting up ever so faintly. :/ I am so tired of disappointment.

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