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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktook76 View Post
    I'm using it this time around as well as an app on my iphone for keeping track of ovulation days, 'intimate days'! etc.
    @ktook (and any others this applies to) What app do you use to track ovulation, et al? Have you tried any others?

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    @Poppy and Nowakasia, thanks! I woke up feeling 90% better! My husband kept telling me that we would sleep it off and be better by morning; I kept telling him it would last 3-5 days. He was right. It took me a few minutes after I woke up to even remember I had been sick yesterday! So I have no idea what that was...thought the flu lasted longer than 24 hours? Look how well the tea worked. Yep, flu shots next year.

    @Sarah, I began to worry too, because I had all the bodily ovulation signs (cervical mucus, super clear skin, eyebrows/leg hair growing faster...these things correlate for me every month) but I kept getting negatives. My positive did come as expected, a few days into all of that, but it still took me by surprise because after so many negatives I thought it wasn't coming. You may be pleasantly surprised today or tomorrow.
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    I've always used the digital Clearblue OPKs. They're either a smiley face or not. So easy to read. They are pricier, so one month I tried the cheaper strips and they were really confusing. It was that a line? I just got frustrated.

    However, since finding out about the cysts, I'm like were they even accurate at all for me? I always got a smiley when using the OPKs but my doctor said I'm probably not ovulating every month due to how my ovaries are looking.... so who knows?

    Happy my Day 3s looked good, but still apprehensive to do Day 21s in two days. And even if both sets look normal, I already know my ovaries are funky so I'll be needing assistance to get preggo anyway.
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    So I'm in the 2WW... but I don't have high hopes.

    I tested around 6pm each night. and nothing was super clear, except the negatives. and my basil temperatures weren't super clear either.
    And I also heard that 36 hours is the optimal wait period... We tried to make it all work... but I don't think we had that much to work with. we tried on the night that I got a first almost positive and 48 hrs later, but the very next morning, we had a negative ovulation test. TMI, I know.
    I just don't feel lucky this time. Not to mention, AF is due on the day we start moving. Figures.

    Oh, i read an article this morning on sleep vs sperm count. It was entertaining. I texted a picture of it to the husband - he's been staying up late and complaining about being tired. Here's the link:

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    @taliface- I use the Mobile Mom Ovulation Calculator.

    @alzora- glad you’re feeling better!

    @sarah- I worried that I would never get a positive on those tests either the first time I used them, but one day it just showed up darker. I expected it to get darker each day; instead it was not there one day then bam! Super dark line! Hang in there.

    @everyone else- I’m a bit rushed posting, just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of each of you! Good luck!

    Hubs and I have to skip TTC this month. I just finished AF a few days ago and had to go to the doctor because I’ve been having severe cramps and lower back aches and (sorry if this is TMI) blood in my urine. Turns out I have a pelvic infection, and according to my ovulation calculator app, tomorrow starts my window of ovulation. I’m in too much pain to even think about procreating. I’m currently sitting on the couch, wrapped in a quilt and drinking bottles of water as if I’ve been lost in the desert for decades.

    Oh, well. Better luck next month.
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