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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh Poppy I'm so sorry hear this =( my heart is saddened for you. What are your options now? Have you looked into any yet? I know you just got the note yesterday...
    TTC a lil bundle of joy since March 2012. Nothing yet, but praying.

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    Poppy, I'm sorry dear, I'm rooting for you.
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    @Alzora, I love those little toys! Is it weird that I like the pancreas the most ... "Gimme some sugar" lol! Have you seen the plush Giant Microbes? Who knew trichomonas could be so cute?! They used to sell them at the health sciences bookstore. How messed up (or awesome??) would my kid be playing with his little toy spleen and little hepatitis toy? I'm just kidding, no I'm not. My husband loves the Uglydoll toy line so there's gonna be plenty of weird stuff in our house.

    Lindsey, congrats on the twins!! Very exciting and very scary! Best wishes for an easy, healthy pregnancy.
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    @Grecianern, your post sounds so sad. But I hope your slumber party went well and had good success.

    @Poppy, you are in my thoughts. I can't imagine the emotional trauma this is putting you through. Hang onto hope. It sounds like you still have options.

    The plush microbes are hilarious! The thought of my children curling up in bed at night with their arms wrapped around a plush Black Death...ghastly and macabre, but hilarious. As for the plush guts...perhaps I'll order myself a commemorative spleen. In loving memory of Squishy (1987-2010). Maybe I'll even order the stuffed bladder and pull out all the stuffing and rough it up a bit, just to give people a visual when I tell my story. Okay, I have to go share that Giant Microbe link with my sisters on Facebook....

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    What I thought were early pre-menstrual cramps last night have now escalated into some form of debilitating plague that has rendered me and my husband both bedridden on a Monday afternoon. Thank goodness it's not a stomach bug, but we're not doing so hot over here--achy muscles and skin, chills, feverish, oddly sore stomachs, the whole nine yards. This is completely irrelevant to TTC but I'm afraid that having a disease during the two-week wait will jeopardize any life that was created inside of me last week. Nothing will want to implant in there because it's all achy and sickie.

    If you never hear from me again, assume I succumbed to this affliction and have gone the way of my spleen and my old Chevy Cavalier.

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