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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Blade, these strike me as something your child would play with:

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    Thanks, ladies! Wishing you all the best of luck. I've been googling like a crazy person and have a few questions for my Dr. that I might need to call and ask. My next appointment is in 3 weeks, so I'm sure by then I'll have lots more questions. @Alzora, I'm so glad that you had a positive experience as a twin, my fingers are crossed. I'm scared to have twins, but I'm equally scared that I will lose one or both. Trying to relax and take things one day and one appointment at a time.

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    @butterflykisses: I completely get it too. Our daycare provider is pregnant with #4. She's 39 yrs young, and her older children are 21, 19, and 13 yrs old. I'm having such a hard time being as excited as the other moms. I can fake it really well though.

    On a similar note, my BFF found out today that her Oops Baby is a girl after 3 boys. We're so happy and excited. And then my emotions came out of no where and squashed me into the earth. It never goes away. It just gives me some breathing room so I feel ok, and then I get squashed again and again.

    I'm working on sleep training my 4 yr old... he was so good as a baby. not so much now.

    But on a high note - my sister is taking my son for the night, so Slumber party with the husband! I am so thankful that my sister is so supportive of our TTC. She really is the best person ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecianern View Post
    But on a high note - my sister is taking my son for the night, so Slumber party with the husband! I am so thankful that my sister is so supportive of our TTC. She really is the best person ever.
    Ooh, what a marvelous idea. Your sister sounds fabulous! I am going to have to store this idea away for when we're trying for numbers 2 & 3! Yet another reason why we're moving closer to my family...
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    @poppy I'm so sorry. Have you discussed your RE's/gynecologist's philosophy on tuboplasty? I think many of them skip straight to IVF but there are plenty of practitioners who still try to surgically correct tubal infertility. Actually having distal adhesions only might be a better surgical prognosis since, for example, one could simply resect the diseased segment and primarily reanastomose the tube with plenty of length left. You would have to leave the fimbriae, though. That's how tubal ligations are reversed-- via a "neosalpingotomy,' creating a new hole at the end of the 'tied'-off tube. There's also a fimbrioplasty, where the fimbriae are basically affixed closer to the ovary to allow normal ovulation and fertilization.

    There are loads of minimally invasive gynecologists who do these procedures. It's definitely, definitely worth asking about, imo.

    PS @alzora cute! but you'd have to be really, really hard-core to buy a pulsh gallbladder or pancreas.
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