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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Megmarie - Clomid is indeed a bitch. Heh. Did you have crazy ov symptoms? I thought I had OHSS, b/c I had bloating and diarrhea for daaaays. I take my first cycle two pill tomorrow and, dude, I'm dreading it. But also looking forward to it. :-) You know how it is. I am really happy for you. I love Clomid success stories. :-)

    Poppy, et al - I know three women who have had snowflake babies. All three had beautiful healthy babies. One of them took two attempts but the other two were successful right away. I only know how much one of them paid and it was $4K. I am sure there are lots of things to consider and I think any kind of adoption is absolutely wonderful. I hope to be able to adopt one day in the next five years or so whether I am able to adopt or not. Always been a dream of mine.
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    @megmarie congratulations!!!! Such great news!

    @alzora what a huge leap in the right direction!! It seems as though your stars are aligning and that baby may not be too far off. I find it amazing that you had such incredibly extensive injuries that healed so seamlessly. If your visible parts healed that well, maybe your internal parts did too!

    @blade what a heartbreaking story! So the genetic defects only occurred in the male babies? Is the syndrome that was named for them gender specific? Did they have family histories of congenital abnormalities? This story intrigues me and tugs at my heart in a way that makes me want to know more...

    My period is officially 2 days late which is very unusual for me. I got what I thought was a very (very) faint positive this am but DH is more of a concrete kind of man and refused to believe it was a positive. I admit, I really had to be in good light at the right angle to find the sweet spot but I maintain there was a line darn it! Sooo, he went out and bought the digitals. I waited 4 hours to pee and the test came back.... Blank. Yeah, friggin blank!!! What? I immediately called the hotline and they told me I could have peed on it wrong! They wanted to know the angle I held it and if I recapped and all kinds of nonsense! So I waited again and used the 2nd digital and it was a bfn. Not surprised because that urine was more dilute but I was so anxious! So I am now test-less and hubby will go back out in the morning to get more tests. So we shall see...

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    @vitamom - Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you!
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    Good luck Vitamom! I hope you get a darker line tomorrow ;-)
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    How exciting, vitamom! Eep, hope you get a nice dark bfp tomorrow!
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