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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Poppy - I have looked into embryo adoption, so-called "snowflake babies." I don't know if it's right for you or not, and sorry if I'm being dense about your physical condition. Just throwing it out there as something to consider if possible? It is often significantly cheaper than traditional adoption. We are stopping at drugs - no IUI or IVF for us, for financial and other reasons - so embryo adoption will be our next step after Clomid, Femara, injectables, etc., if none of it works.

    Megmarie - Good for you. I've had PCOS for so long, as soon as we started trying I got immediately proactive. If I waited the "sensible" year I would have roughly zero chances in that year since I probably wasn't ovulating. I'm so glad my doctor agreed with me and was aggressive. Way to go, you! This is my second cycle of Clomid and I hope we get our little miracle, too. :-)

    Alzora - I forgot to add that there will be no deployment this year, it appears. :-) Yay! A great relief. Thanks for asking.

    I just popped in to say that Mira Sorvino's retinue of younguns makes me really happy. She had her first child, Mattea, at 37, and her fourth, Lucia, last year at 44. Granted, at least one of her past-40 pregnancies (son Holden, born when she was 41) was a difficult one. I don't know about Lucia. But it makes me happy when I see other gals start late and still have big glorious families. I'll be 34 in August and I'd like to have more than one. Although right now just the thought of one seems like a choirs-of-angels-singing sort of event.

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    Okay what is embryo adoption and snowflake babies?! Doesn't the embryo still have to be implanted into you IVF-style?
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    @megmarie, jeeeehhh, congratulations, so how many tests did you take in the end? your news and proactivity is very encouraging and inspiring
    @alzora, bye bye TIB, hello baby(s)!
    @poppy, wow that sounds like a lot to process and think about. If you need surgery either way that would be step 1, and maybe having a baby in a house that's falling apart might be stressfull too... but the only advice I can really give you is to take it easy on yourself and get all the info from your doctor so you know what options are realistic. Happy to hear your mom is being more supportive!

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    @ poppy- not sure about snowflake babies, but there is sometimes an option to "adopt" other couples' unused IVF embryos. Embryos can only be stored for so long, so couples have the option of allowing their embryos to be adopted, used for stem cell research, or destroyed. It would still have to be implanted, but should be cheaper than the full IVF procedure.
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    Thanks Nowakasia! I’m glad it gives you hope. I have hope in other great PCOS stories too!

    Thanks Whit! Thanks Poppy!

    Thanks Missusaytch! That is exactly how I feel about it and am VERY thankful my doctor let me be aggressive as well. She told me that, “Of course you will have a baby. You are young and healthy so we just need to get you ovulating!” It was wonderful to have someone qualified be that sure of the situation and hopeful. Good luck with your next round of Clomid! It’s a beyotch Fingers crossed!

    Thanks Khaatje! I took three haha. One yesterday, two today.
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