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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi all,

    As you know, I had my SIS ultrasound today. It was rather uncomfortable to say the least. I had some crazy cramping during it and now as I'm resting at home, the cramping continues.

    To sum it doctor told me both of my ovaries have cysts. My egg follicles are not maturing into full eggs and I am not ovulating regularly. The undeveloped follicles are staying put in my ovaries as little cysts. Essentially, I have PCOS - poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

    My doc wants to wait to look at my Day 21 labs and then start on a course of treatment. She mentioned Clomid again. She had gotten the results from my Day 3 labs back and said they looked ok, but that she's still waiting on one of the tests to come back.

    So I will have to wait the next 2 weeks to have another set of blood tests done. After that, we will see.

    I don't know what to feel exactly. I know PCOS is fairly common and that women can get pregnant despite it. I also know it's quite a struggle for many. I feel like I've been given a membership to a club I don't want to be in.... That's a dumb way to describe it I guess. I guess I mostly feel blah and numb. It's been raining and dreary all day long and it matches my mood.

    If anyone has anything to share about their experiences with PCOS please do.
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by nowakasia View Post
    I know PCOS is fairly common and that women can get pregnant despite it. I also know it's quite a struggle for many. I feel like I've been given a membership to a club I don't want to be in.... That's a dumb way to describe it I guess. I guess I mostly feel blah and numb. It's been raining and dreary all day long and it matches my mood.
    I completely understand the numb part! I'm so sorry to hear you had bad news today. There are many many women that have pcos and have large beautiful families despite it. Saying that doesn't help, I know. I know it doesn't undo the shock, and hurt, and the extreme feeling of being let down. I'm sorry there's not a good online equivalent of bringing you a bottle of wine and a girly movie to make you feel better! xPoppy

    “And remember, my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.” L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

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    @April, welcome to our board. What a difficult experience you've had so far! I hope you can find answers from your doctors, and support here on this board. Please keep us posted as you progress with testing.

    @Blade, ??????? Waiting in suspense.

    @nowakasia, I'm sorry to hear about your discouraging news. But as you said yourself, this is something that is often overcome, so keep planning for baby!

    @Poppy, what courses of action are you looking into at this point? Do you have a game plan?

    I feel sad today. My mom happens to be friends--well, acquaintances--with one of the ER doctors who was in the hospital on the day of my accident. I too have been Facebook friends with said doctor since before the accident. This particular doctor did not personally treat me that day, but she was able to bring my parents updates throughout the night on my condition, explaining it to them in terms they would understand, trying to give them hope while discreetly saying, "It's not looking good." She was a huge help to them. So my mom crossed paths with this doctor the other day and mentioned to her in conversation that I am having trouble TTC [Edit: this is not as awkward as it I said, they have been acquaintances for a while, and always give updates on each other's kids], and the doctor brought up pelvic adhesions right away. "She's been through a lot," she told my mom. "I wouldn't be surprised if the problem is scar tissue." I guess the fact that someone else is giving me this same suggestion--a doctor who was there in person and saw what all happened to me with her own eyes--just makes it feel more...real? More likely? Scarier? Not to minimize what Blade had already said to me--obviously I have taken that seriously, and have been attempting to act on it and jump the Great Hurdle of TIB--but now that another doctor, one who was there that day, is suggesting the same thing, I feel like it's less of a "maybe" and more of a "probably." I feel crestfallen. Doctor's appointment on Thursday. Hoping for...gosh, I don't know what I'm hoping for, it's just a dumb annual exam. Hoping she can magically make this HSG test available to me...and make the results come out good. Crap. I had not realized just how sad I'm feeling until this exact moment, as I'm writing this. I'm going to bed. Gute nacht.
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    Awww, ladies, this is some sad stuff you are going through. I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you / praying for you tonight. (hugs)

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    Lots of activity here....

    @nowakasia I'm sorry you got some news that was less than welcome today. Give yourself a little time to process and know that you have lots of options available and a great chance of getting a baby despite the test results.

    @alzora I'm sorry your sad. I know when a trusted person gives you a theory it's natural to take it on as truth. But it's still just that, a theory, until proven. Keep your head up and keep peeing on those ovulation sticks! Start trying before you get a positive so you have some eager sperm at the ready! I use them once a day (usually late morning) till I get a positive and then do twice a day to see when the surge ends. Mine lasted 48 hrs this month so I'm still not sure when in there I ovulated but I know those swimmers were in position! Also, I wanted to say that your comment about wanting to make a home and raise your family really resonated w me. I'm a nurse by profession and was 2 semesters from graduating w my nurse practitioner degree when I had my first daughter. I took a leave of absence with the intention of going back the following semester.... She just turned 4 and I've never looked back! I've worked per diem here and there just to stay in the game but I'm a stay at home mom and would not trade it for anything on this planet! It works for me and my family and I am incredibly fulfilled. It's refreshing to hear you talk about staying at home so positively.

    @blade...pee on a stick already!!

    As for me, my period is due tomorrow. I tested yesterday morning (I just couldn't help myself!) and bfn. I so badly want to test in the morning but will wait another day I suppose. No real symptoms (but plenty of somatic ones) to speak of. Fingers crossed!

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