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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    That is not at all the article I sited. It is actually this one in full text.
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    Hey all. Haven't managed to get on here for a while. There's heaps for me to catch up on now! No luck for us last month. First real try for #3 aft coming off pill so not all that surprised. Happy to see that my cycle is back on track as normal though so am crossing fingers for this month.
    @Blade did you do your test?
    @alzora how are your travelling along? Been thinking of you
    Ok, now I'm going back through the thread to see what I have missed! Looks like a few newbies have joined the thread and some happy news for people too (yay!)
    Back soon
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    Sorry Poppy. That was the *second* article you cited, not the first.

    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528
    The absolute risk of miscarriage associated with NSAID use during pregnancy ranged from 10% (any NSAID use) to 35% (use around conception), to 52% (use longer than one week)... The possible link between NSAID use and miscarriage in humans was first reported by Nielson et al (BMJ 2001;322:266-70).
    The study by Li et al has a couple of problems. Firstly, reported NSAID use is only 5% (much lower than the rate of occasional sporadic NSAID use by the general population) but secondly and most importantly, the purpose of this study was not to talk about NSAIDs and pregnancy. It was to conduct intensive interviews on magnetic field exposure and pregnancy, and the authors decided to perform a little sub-group analysis looking at NSAIDs. They held interviews, the focus of which and the informed consent for which was all about magnetic fields. And oh, they just happened to ask a couple of questions about NSAID use. This is open to an extreme amount of recall bias, **particularly in women who had a miscarriage.** Women who had a miscarriage are much more likely soul-search and remember every small thing they did or consumed as opposed to women who had healthy pregnancies. It's an inescapable phenomenon in retroactive interviewing, especially when the healthy women are thinking about magnetic fields and not NSAIDs. Since the lower range of the 95% CI was 1.0 for their primary association it just squeaked by into statistical significance (and publishability).

    The gold standard paper is the prospective cohort study I cited above. When nearly half of women take the drugs occasionally, that's a nice hefty sample size and a really clean study. Luckily they found no increased risk of miscarriage with occasional NSAID use.
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    Cygnus and Alzora – thank you for your sympathy! Not that I think much about it, only when I think about twins!

    And thank you both for your cup experiences. Cygnus, thanks for posting the link to the disposable cups. I think that I will add that to my list of baby-making supplies. ☺ Alzora, I just don’t think I can bring myself to wash Tupperware! Maybe in the tub, and with a dedicated cloth, or paper towels?! I think I do have a small, palm sized container in the cupboard I could use. We shall see.

    MrsH – your mom sounds like a pretty amazing woman. ☺

    Tvland – hope your first day on Clomid went well, good luck!

    Sarah, Sorry to hear that this wasn’t your month. Here’s hoping for May!

    Grecienern, I’m so glad that your friend and her baby were okay. But I totally understand feeling “selfishly miserable”. That is a lot of new babies and pregnancies to deal with, especially when you are going through such a tough time in your life. I think it’s normal to feel this way. I am thinking of you! xo

    Nowakasia – how was your SIS ultrasound? Hope all your tests went well! Keep us posted.

    Hi April, welcome to the TTC thread! I’m sorry to hear about all the troubles you’ve had recently. Hopefully the fertility doctor can figure things out for you!

    Megmarie, hope your migraine went away quickly and you’re feeling better now!

    Mrstoon – Congratulations! That’s great news!

    Blade – crossing my fingers for you!

    Allie – hope you get a conclusive test soon!

    Ktook – glad to hear your cycle regulated so soon. Good luck next month!

    Poppy – good to hear from you, been thinking about you.

    Phew, lots of news!

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    @nowakasia: I only did day 3 labs...I'm supposed to do day 23(?? I think, can't remember and don't have my appt book) now that I'm on the Clomid.
    @missusaytch: good luck on this cycle, I think any symptoms will be worth it if I can actually ovulate (and get pregnant!) my doctor said if this doesn't work after a few months I will be looking at another laparoscopic procedure to make sure there isn't more endometrial tissue anywhere...I'm trying to stay positive and hope it doesn't get that far
    @blade: good luck! I hope to see good news soon!

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