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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora I'm sure you can sell it on etsy.

    @MrsH My husband is a corporate lawyer who occasionally works similar "shifts," all-nighters and 100+ hour weeks in the office racing to put together a case before the filing deadline, responding to the other side, blah blah blah. The difference between him & me is that he's sitting at a desk, staring at a computer, typing and reviewing hundreds of pages of documents. Whereas I am doing lots of physical things, procedures, giving orders, examining patients, running traumas, assisting in cases, etc. When I sit down to write notes is when the fatigue slams me.

    On average you get a couple of hours of sleep, depending on the service, in a 30-hr shift. I try to tuck everyone in at midnight or so, retire to the call room, and triage patient calls from the phone. Of course there are always ER admissions, crashing patients, things that can only be solved in person, but on average I get a couple of hours of sleep, and then leave the hospital around noon, where I go home to sleep until dark.

    There have been *numerous* studies trying to quantify the effects of resident physician fatigue on medical errors, and there is none. Patients are no safer now than they were when the first hours restrictions were put into place (now I cannot work more than 80 hours/wk *on average,* nor work more than 30 hours in a row, and I am supposed to have at least 10 hours off between shifts. These rules are very, very frequently broken because frankly there is a lot of work to do and no decent doctor would leave their patients hanging in the breeze because their 10-hour rule is about to be violated if you stay to stabilize them). The way people have gotten the hours down from 120/wk to 80/wk is by increasing handoffs-- you cover my patients at night, I'll cover yours tomorrow night, sort of thing. When you're covering patients you don't know well, more errors are made.

    If you don't have the constitution for this sort of thing you don't go into clinical medicine, or you purposefully seek out "lifestyle" specialties like psychiatry, dermatology, rehab medicine and the like. You just do it. I feel very awake and very alive even 24+ hours into a shift because there's lots of adrenaline-pumping things happening, but not everyone is wired that way.

    A lot of people say "just hire more doctors!" Well, there isn't a huge pool of people qualified to do what we do. It takes 10 straight years of education and training to get to where I am right now. Who would you like taking care of you in the middle of the night-- the person who was top of her class in everything, jumped through all the hoops, excelled at all the test scores, grades, clinical duties, etc... or the person who right now wouldn't be able to get into medical school, but who scrapes by and barely passes everything [due to lowered standards] in order to lessen the load on the rest of us?

    And the workload is only increasing. The American population is growing and the average patient admitted to the hospital is much sicker and more complex now than they were 20 years ago. The # of medical school spots is increasing and more doctors are being graduated, but the average workload per person is definitely going up.
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    9DPO today and BFN yesterday (2 tests) and today (FMU). On 7DPO I had very, very light pink-tinged CM so I'm hoping it was implantation bleeding! I'm using the Wondo tests from Amazon so I'll be testing every day until AF shows! ^_^
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    Thanks, Blade. Interesting. I never understood why they schedule y'all that way. It seems like a very difficult but fascinating and rewarding way to live your life.

    Just wanted to pop in and say I'm out this month, without a doubt. Bright red flow. Cramps so intense I've been alternatin ibuprofen and hydrocodone all day, in bed with heating pad. Barely moved. I've heard Clomid can lead to intense periods.

    So I had a 10 day LP, but barely. I don't really feel super comfortable with that. I started intense cramping and spotting 10 DPO. Have a call in to nurse. I'm gonna see what my doc thinks about supplementing progesterone.

    CD1 is a hard day, man. But I've got my Power 90 DVDs on the way. Woohoo! And we're gonna explore the wonders of Pre-seed this cycle. And I'm gonna go home to Texas and visit my fam during the next 2ww which will help me pass the time. There is a lot to look forward to, is my point. And every month my odds go up!

    Best wishes to all of you, those of you still in the fight this cycle, and those of you in for a bit tougher and longer fight. We shall bend our lady plumbing to our mighty lady wills.

    Edit: My nurse just called back. I told her I had a 9 day luteal phase. She asked "What do you consider your luteal phase?" I said, "Um, the time between my ovulation and my period. I ovulated April 11 and started my period yesterday." (Yes, I technically started today because I didn't have bright red flow til today but severe cramps and all day spotting are enough for me.)

    She said, "Ok normally Dr. H- doesn't worry about that. Your progesterone level was good on the day you had it checked so you would just continue to take the Clomid." I said, "Ok well that kind of concerns me because everything I've ever read or seen or been told by my gyno back in Dallas is that under 10 days is an insufficient LP."

    Long annoyed pause.

    "Well I can ask Dr. H- about that on Thursday and give you a call back."

    "I would really appreciate that. Thank you."

    I'm really sorry if I'm being difficult here, but I'm not going to sit and quietly ignore something I've learned during my years of struggling with PCOS without being given a good reason. "We normally do blah" is not gonna work for me. No I'm not a doctor but there have been times when questioning my doctors saved my ass - in particular I'm thinking of how I "didn't" have an under active thyroid except oh wait I did, and didn't find out until I pestered the sh!t out of a doctor for a year and got a scan done. That is one example of many.

    I'm just annoyed right now. I know I can't expect the on-call nurse to want me to have a baby as badly as I do. But what does "what do you consider your luteal phase?" even mean?

    Annoyed. Annoyed. Annoyed.

    I'm sorry I keep ranting. There should be a baby store. Or at least a place where I could rent one for a few hours. Snuggle it, name it. Just to take the edge off.
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    Guess who just used a third Wondfo ovulation test in a single day? This little weirdo. Because @Andrea's link took me to a website that advised against using first-morning urine for an ovulation test, which is what I had done. My two morning tests weren't as clear as I wanted, so...well I peed again. Guys, this has to stop. Starting tomorrow, one test per day, in the afternoon. I think I just had to get used to them. Anyway, the third test was pretty conclusive. Gosh, I'm so high-strung. But thank you for the link, Andrea.

    @Allie, too early! Don't put too much stock in that BFN.

    @Mrs H, first of all, I'm sorry for your disappointment. It is always a blow, but I hope it's your only month to face such a crappy feeling. Also, good luck on Power 90! My husband did Power 90 last summer, which prepared him to successfully get through P90X, and now he's on to another Beach Body workout. As of today he has lost over 50 lbs and is still going strong. The programs have been SO rewarding for him, and I hope they are the same for you. I wish you success with it! Also, I think a baby store is SUCH a great idea. Brilliant, you are. I'm sorry your nurse was so stupid. I don't blame you for being frustrated.

    My latest little daydream is twins. I am a fraternal twin. I know I've mentioned that in other threads--I came in a pack of two. I am Thing One. I guess this somewhat increases my chance of bearing twins, from what I've heard. So today I'm like...that would be kind of exciting, wouldn't it, to have two? I wouldn't care if they were girlies or boys or mixies, I just think two would be fun, since I've always rather enjoyed twinhood. ...Sigh...this little body can't even seem to produce one, what makes me think it can produce two in one shot? Well...I guess because I am praying for it, that's why. Anyway, I'd be just as stoked to have a single baby. Twins are just today's little daydream. My mom said I'm crazy. I don't know why she said that...I always thought me and K were kind of a double blessing...but I think she thinks I will break. She said she cringes at the thought of me delivering two. Anyone else on here have twins in the bloodline? Anyone else rooting for multiples?
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    Alzora, sorry that the link made you pee a third time! I'm sure you just needed the time to get used to using them. This is sort of an odd question, but What type of cup are you using? (This is for anyone who uses Wondfo OPKs) - like disposable Dixie cups? Tupperware you wash?? I love doing my research in advance, and I am learning so much on this thread!

    Also, TWINS! I want twins so badly. The only time I've cried over a pregnancy announcement was when a FB friend announced she was having twins. This was early March, around the time I started lurking heavily on NB. I think that was the time when my husband realized just how badly I want children. I know it will be so hard to have two babies at once, and I'm also small, so it would probably be a hard enough pregnancy/labour. But, I also was a was a stillbirth - and this part is hard to explain - I feel like I'm missing a part of me. And I feel like if I had twins myself, I could make up for losing out on my twin?? The twin had multiple malformations and didn't develop sex organs, so I named it Bailey (a nice unisex-sounding name I thought at the time) when I was 14, because grave stone 424 is kind of sad. I like to think that Bailey is up in heaven hanging out with my grandpa, waiting for me to join them!
    Also, twins means only one pregnancy and one labour to end up with my ideal 2 kids. (haha)

    But obviously I will be happy with whatever babies I get!

    @Blade - my sister is a resident, and gosh, I don't know how you guys do it. I really admire doctors (and others who work long hours in stressful situations). I'm glad we have people like you, and glad that I took on a much less stressful job.

    @MrsH - I'm sorry that you've had such a frustrating day. I hope that the doctor takes your concerns seriously and that next month is more successful! (Incidentally, what is a "normal" LP length supposed to be?)

    @Allie - I hope you get good news in the next few days!

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