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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Your hubby should be able to produce his sample in the privacy of your own home, into a cup that is provided, and then take the sample to the hospital.
    It has to be kept warm though. My husband kept his in his coat pocket. A friend of mine put her husband's in her bra!

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    I am also in the 2ww and getting anxious. Alzora... I can't believe you don't test before a missed period! I'm obsessive, I start testing probably WAY too early and then analyze the stick. I've been known to disassemble the ones in plastic casings to try and get a better look! Lol, I'm slightly better than that now and bought the inexpensive tests not in cases anyway so I don't go broke buying tests. Here's hoping we see a whole slew of BFPs this month! Especially for you ladies going through testing and medical procedures, I hope you just get pregnant and can forgo that whole process!

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    Thanks for all the support and tips, everybody! And good luck as you start TTC, khaatje and j cannoy. I hope it happens quickly for you!

    @Vitamom, do you have any symptoms yet??

    @Lineska, so were you actually miscalculating your ovulation date before you used the Wondfo tests? Were you basing it on the calendar, cervical mucus, or basal body temp before you got the tests?

    @Niteowl, it's a relief to know that my husband may be able to produce his sample from home!

    A few questions for anyone who can answer:

    1. When you get a positive reading on the Wondfo ovulation tests, does that mean that you are ovulating that day, or do you get a positive reading a few days in advance of ovulation? Like, I guess I've been leery of such tests because I want to be trying to conceive for like three to five days before ovulation, and I'm afraid that if I wait for an ovulation test to read positive, I'll have missed a huge part of the fertile window and will only have like that day to make a baby...?

    2. For those of you who use the ovulation tests, how fully do you trust them? Do you find yourselves having sex on "extra" days (specifically with the intent to conceive) just in case the test misses or somehow miscalculates ovulation?

    3. Also for those of you who take the ovulation tests, have you found that your cervical mucus generally coincides with a positive Wondfo test reading, or is it common to ovulate at a different time than what your body seems to be saying?

    4. (I will ask the fertility specialist about this, but I'm sure many of you know the answer anyway.) Will my husband do the semen analysis test through my fertility specialist or does he do that through his family doctor?

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Alzora: yup, I got a positive opk/conceived 5 days later than I had thought I was ovulating.

    I was just tracking my cycles (longer than average) on a phone app calendar, thoroughly failed basal body temp, I'd forget, get really low readings, and just generally didnt get the hang if it. We aimed for every other day anyway regardless of what the opk said...I thought we'd missed the window due to travel schedules the month I conceived, then got a positive test during what I had thought was tww.

    A positive opk (line the same or darker than control!) means you're about to ovulate, I think its next 24-48 hours. So once I saw two solid lines there, it was go time for lack of a better phrase!

    So yes, we'd already been trying, but I trust them entirely based on the date I got the positive matching up to my due date. I'm a little bit squeamish about checking mucus...but I do know that the discharge I thought was ovulation was not totally synced with the opk. Like I said before, I really was shocked when I got a positive opk late in my cycle (and then spent 12 days convincing myself it had to be wrong until I got my BFP)

    Hope that helps a little!
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    @alzora I can't answer the personal questions as you know my philosophy on timing. But the tests detect the LH (luteinizing hormone) surge which immediately precedes ovulation.

    As you are already seeing a fertility specialist, I strongly imagine that person will order the semen analysis, but it is within the scope of any doctor to do so. I mean, I could. What I would do with the information though.... So it's best for the specialist to have the results sent directly to her/him.
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