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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Alzora and Poppy, lots of happy and lucky thoughts to you ladies. I'm way too far out of my league to even begin to give real advice, so I just hope you have the very best medical care possible.

    I'm 10 dpo and continue to get nothing but BFNs. Sigh. Yesterday, I ran out of tests so I went to the dollar tree and got a bunch of Assured tests. They are supposed to be pretty sensitive, but I can't even imagine a line. Still hoping, but feeling discouraged.

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    Thank you, @misslindseylou! You take pregnancy tests before your missed period? You are a brave soul. I think 10dpo is too early to get a positive reading, no? Don't the negatives make you sad? You might be pregnant and just testing too soon and getting discouraged unnecessarily...? Slow down over there, girl! Are you having any symptoms of either pregnancy or PMS? Here's hoping you get a surprise BFP one of these mornings!

    I know I keep saying that I'm done with tracking each month, but I'm going to order those Wondfo ovulation tests that everybody talks about. Maybe we're just not hitting the right time of the month. I kept saying that this month my husband and I were going to try regularly for the entire cycle, and that lasted all of...oh, I'd say a week and a half. We are so lazy. Once my cervical mucus dries up for the month, I kind of lose interest because my libido drops at that point, and I figure the window is likely closed anyway so why force myself when there's no drive. But maybe my ovulation is happening later or something.

    Here's a fun PMS symptom. I feel stretchy. It's mostly my knees and legs, but I feel like one of those rubber figurine toys with the bendy arms and legs. Feels like I need to stretch from head to toe, but there's no satisfying it. I used to feel like this after my accident when I was confined to a bed and wheelchair for two months. I'd wake up in the morning and feel like I had been stuffed inside a can or a genie lamp for years and I'd have to stretch it all out. I kind of feel like that now, only crankier.

    Sorry guys, I post on here too much during my two-week wait, especially when I start to feel my period coming. This is my venting place, because my husband can only take so much. I promise I do not obsess like this all month long, just mostly during this horrid TWW. Once AF shows up, I settle down for a good couple of weeks. Feel free to tune me out over here when I start yammering on like this.

    Somebody post some good news on this thread! We need some positives! Anyone??

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    Alzora, those wondfo ovulation tests really are wonderful...I was sure I had missed it somehow when I got the positive reading (several days later in my cycle than I had thought). Plus all their tests are so cheap that you can take one everyday (opk and then pregnancy) without feeling bad about it at all. I gifted the remains of my huge pack to a friend who's TTC now, buying them in bulk somehow felt like a good luck charm.

    Baby dust to all you ladies and fingers crossed for another round of BFPs soon!
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    Hi Alzora, haha I can certainly relate to the rubber toy feeling just before AF! Because of Ehlers-Danlos syndrom I've got stretchy joints anyways, but it gets way worse around AF, not fun but not weird either I guess. Please keep sharing your comments, they're very recognizable and indeed... husbands can only take so much. I'm getting impatient for AF to end so we can finally start trying for real, so you're only two week out of a month obsession is actually not that bad

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    Just took my last birth control pill last Saturday and am finishing up my last chemically altered period. These next few months should be very interesting. I've been on BC for almost 9 years so I'm not sure what my body will do without it. Plan to start TTC after a couple months of natural periods.

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