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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Rstiltner17, I feel your pain, I'm expecting mine as well,(zero preg signs but still 6 days out from AF) but I always get sad when it actually happens... keep us posted on your clomid progress! Hopefully you don't get sick =(
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    Congratulations namenut!!

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    Congratulations namenut! That is great news! So glad you finally got your two lines!

    Sorry about AF rstiltner17. Good luck with Clomid. It's good that you are still able to have a glass of wine or two and have fun with the husband! It's the little things in life that save our sanity.

    I have no idea what's going on with my body. I am becoming a crazed lunatic watching for all of the bodily signs and symptoms I had completely ignored for most of my life.The good news is that I think I have exhausted that neural circuit and I am finished caring. I refuse to allow myself to continue being obssesive for the however long this ttc thing lasts. I will pee on a stick once a day and hope for the best. That's all. No more monitoring. No more crazed internet searches. No more trolling ttc threads (other than this one) Good thoughts and fingers crossed to everyone else!

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    Wow, @violetindigo! Good for you! I am actually taking the same approach now. I don't want to go crazy in this process and have decided to not be research obsessive and thinking about it all the time. I have to pee on the stick everyday for my doctor but this month I decided that my husband and I will just have sex every other day for two or so weeks of near fertile time-period. Doesn't sound very romantic, I'm sure, but it is totally working for us. We're having fun, and puts the pressure off both of us to when I'm actually ovulating.

    My newest update is that my husband and I are really trying to discuss our options...if we eventually want to do IVF or go straight to adoption. There are still other steps to be taken before we get there and I know that we haven't tried long AT ALL, but I want to be a mother with all of my heart and I need to have a plan in place. I am so so so conservative in how I deal with situations and I plan ahead with every choice I make. Nothing is taken lightly.

    Anyways, I was kind of thrown off guard because when DH and I were discussing this, he so easily went to the adoption route. I was shocked and it is definitely taking a while for me to put my thoughts together and understand where he is coming from. (My Clomid emotions do not help. A mini breakdown definitely occurred lol) Let me just say that I am ALL FOR adoption, I just always thought I would exhaust all of my options before I adopted. It is interesting wrapping my head around all of these emotions and decisions.

    There is my ramble for the month. I'm sure that it was all over the place and clearly my thoughts are super muddled. I am a little overwhelmed by my husband's thoughts and reactions.
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    Congrats namenut!

    We are hoping for a baby soon too. Good luck to everyone who is trying!! Sending good wishes for all of you!
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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